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  • gnshrp6's Avatar
    Today, 01:39 AM
    gnshrp6 posted a visitor message on gnshrp6's profile
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    Today, 01:02 AM
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  • Ladyfrog's Avatar
    Today, 12:06 AM
    Col Fryght that is a great idea! I will look into that fencing. I have never heard of it before. Last year, the deer weren't interested in the pumpkins but I have them in the high deer traffic area this year. I went to a class put on by the extension office and they gave us a list of deer repellent plants so I'm going to put some of them in the areas I don't want deer (my entire yard, lol). Chives are on the list and they grow quickly. Last year I had success with a deer and rabbit repellent...
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  • oaklawn Crematory's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:21 PM
    oaklawn Crematory added 4 photo(s) to album Projects for 2019
  • demongod's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:05 PM
    demongod replied to a thread Static: What is one to do with this? in Halloween Props
    The only electric in it is an outlet on the back. No motors in it, unfortunately. The stirrups are fully retractable. Something might just have to go thump inside the cabinet.
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  • Col. Fryght's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:27 PM
    It is a never ending learning process. My first two years, I could not get a pumpkin to the finish line. Not sure about your space size, but I have found that my deer will not jump over a DOT silt fence. You can get it at Home Depot for like $50 for a hundred feet. You can see the black silt fence in the pics above around my patch. And another plus is that the silt fence will help act as a wind barrier.
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  • Screaming Demons's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:02 PM
    There also a free banner promo going on.
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  • Ghost of Spookie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:16 PM
    I think most -- ok all -- women who have been to a gynecologist office would recognize that exam chair LOL. Unless you are going to have a mom having given birth to a zombie baby which she can be holding and the rest of her covered up, I'd probably use it as something else. That salmon color is wild. So is it motorized to raise the head section up and down? Is that part working? That might be fun to include as movement if you had an actor/doctor at that scene. I'd probably remove the...
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  • Ladyfrog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:56 PM
    I have some sprouts! We have a serious deer problem so I have them under netting until they get bigger. I planted in a different area this year so hopefully it will be better. Last year I had the plants in full sun but the vines went out under trees so my pumpkins never turned orange. Now I know sunshine is important for ripening so I chose a hill that gets pretty constant sun all day. 🤞
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  • Ladyfrog's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:52 PM
    There are two houses within a few blocks of me who decorate but that's it. One is strictly inflatables and the other is done up with homemade stuff. Oh I guess there is one other house that is strictly lights and maybe some bats in the trees. Mine is the only one truly set up to give ToTs scares. I take pride in that fact! I used to live in a subdivision in Texas where everyone for about four blocks decorated. It was really cool. Halloween was this night when everyone would walk the blocks,...
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  • WitchyKitty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:41 PM
    It's amazing all that you are doing for your pumpkins, Col. Kdestra, great score on the patio set...I'd have grabbed that up, too, in a heartbeat!!!
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  • Cephus404's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:23 PM
    Anything can be made into a pneumatic prop. It depends on how much time and money you want to sink into it.
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  • Cephus404's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 PM
    We used to live near a street where they went all out for Halloween and Christmas. You had to in order to live there. You couldn't opt out because it was one of the provisions of the HOA. Other than that though, hardly anyone bothers these days. Nobody tries. Most people are lazy. It's really sad.
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  • UnOrthodOx's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:44 AM
    That is one hell of a production. I'll try to get more pics of mine this weekend. Was going to be moving them outside, but weather...
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:52 AM
    Frankie's Girl replied to a thread Hi in Member Introduction
    Welcome! :)
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  • Col. Fryght's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:24 AM
    Poly fence up. I am taking an afternoon break and will be back at it tonight. The goal is to get the middle pvc row installed. The middle row will be like a towel bar and I will drape the netting and shade cloth from one side over the bar to the other side.
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  • ZombieRaider's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:49 AM
    It would be a lot of work to turn that into a pneumatic prop....It would take 2 cylinders, one to open the lid and another to to pop the creature out....Forcing the creature into the lid to open it would destroy the creature very quickly...The hinges are not nearly strong enough, I'd probably add a piece of plywood for rigidity under the lid and the side the other cylinder is going to attach to....You'd have to remove the bottom and build a base to make it tall enough to make the mechanics work...
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  • Defenestrator's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:22 AM
    I haven't experienced anyone going 'big' per se, but as of last year I can safely say that we have noticed a significant increase in general decoration and participation. We definitely see more jacks on porches, more decorations in windows, and even a few yard props / tombstones and lights. There is also one young man that has been coming to examine our layout every year since we started in this location, and he is now old enough that he's begun building his own little yard haunt up the...
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  • ooojen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:06 AM
    Col. Fryght, I think you put as much work into your pumpkin plants as I do into my entire garden! Kdestra-- I love the rescue patio set! I expect Green Man to join you for tea. :)
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  • demongod's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:38 AM
    demongod replied to a thread Static: What is one to do with this? in Halloween Props
    I am loving the input on this. I do like the hideous Salmon color and would hate to ruin that, so maybe just some creepy cloth over it. An idea I had, was to have this as a photo opportunity. I 'may' just be sitting there myself in a straitjacket inviting ToTs to take a picture with me. So, I must come clean now, I have been doing a medical theme the last two years in my small yard and been searching something like this out and finally scored this from Craigslist for an unbelievable $30...
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  • lisa48317's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:03 AM
    I live about 20 minutes from there! It's super awesome. There's actually houses here & there all thru Romeo that are done over the top. I make a point of going every year during the day so I can check out all the details. The local high school football team helps out during ToT, keeping an eye on things & helping with lost kids, etc because insane amounts of people go there. I looked at a house that was for sale a couple years ago - most of the houses on Tillson are cool old Victorian...
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  • Col. Fryght's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:07 AM
    Up and working on the enclosure at about 8am this morning. I have all of the pvc side wall structures completed. Next step, to roll out the plastic sheeting and connect it to the pvc. You can see the vine on the right is about five outside of the hoop house which puts the overall length at about 8 feet.
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  • raphonj2's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:11 AM
    raphonj2 posted a visitor message on raphonj2's profile
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