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    Default Poseable Skeletons Best Value?

    Its that time of year to be planning for new displays, Our group will be needing 25+ full size poseables. We really liked the Costco & Target types, The Walgreens models don't seem to survive being display unless they are corpsed, The Poseable models set up quick & worked fine for us, also I got nowhere with that California Company, no answer, nothing... Please help!

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    I know that in early 2012, Halloween Asylum (member name: HalloweenAsylum.com is Nancy) offered the Walgreens-like skeleton for a great price, but those are not pose and stay ones. Wouldn't hurt to check out their site to see if they have any like that in stock... they also periodically post discount offers for Forum members as well, so if you find something, might be worth it to ask.

    Grandin Road had a glow in the dark pose and stay skeleton that was cleared out after halloween, and with some minor touch-up to darken things like eye sockets, they are awesome (especially for the price - think I paid around $22?) but I don't see them any more on their website, so they look to be sold out.

    Spirit has a similar one to the Walgreens (not a pose and stay) but coupons would be a must for the pricing:
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    Maybe some non-posers could be made into posers by carefully drilling a hole on each end of the "Bone" and inserting a heavy gauge copper wire like 00, then it could be posed , yet held by the thickness of the wire. Of course bending the wire first then pushing it into the holes would not be putting stress upon the plastic parts.??
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    That's quite a number to buy. I definitely wouldn't count on Costco coming through with any this season. They don't usually restock the same things each halloween. They did have a giant skull two years in a row but the skulls were different from each other. And other than the skellies last year and a few decor items the Costcos in my area unfortunately didn't get in any other halloween as I recall. Plus it was hard to time when any were coming into the Costco locations.

    There were two stores last year however that were mentioned within last year's Costco skelly thread (thread was something like "Look what I found at Costco ...or something like like that--Prop folder as I recall). Can't recall the store names, but one had gotten in over 100 in stock so it might be a good place to call and see if they reordered any for this year and would sell a group to you or would special order some for you. The places mentioned weren't as inexpensive as Costco but were at least close compared to other sources.

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    I got an pose-n-stay skellie at CVS last year for $35 after an 20% off coupon. That location only had two. You might have to go directly to the source and order. Maybe they will give you a discount for buying in bulk.

    Do they have Sam's Clubs around here?
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    I bought several from Rite aid last year that are sturdier than the walgreens i bought. I don't think they are the pose n stay though and i caught them on sale for $30 each at half off several weeks before Halloween. Perhaps if you check with Rite aid they could put in a large order for you.

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    Then there are these (I heard @ them thru Stiltbeast Studios video): http://www.pitinienterprises.com/ima...010Catalog.pdf

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    Try: http://www.skeletonstore.com/new-products
    They've had a vendor exhibit at the Midwest Haunter Convention the past 2 years I've been there and both years I came with something. They offer discounts during the show. With the quantity you're talking about, I think you could get exactly what you want at a discount.

    Good luck!




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