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    Default Grandin Road "I Would Turn Back If I Were You" Luminaries

    Grandin Road "I Would Turn Back If I Were You" Luminaries
    Hey folks, my wife and I (The Other Mother) are looking for a set of Grandin Roads "I Would Turn Back If I Were You" luminaries. We've been looking around for awhile now and can't find any for sale on the net and figured that this group of spooks would either have ideas of where to find them or might have a set they're looking to get rid of. Let us know! We're willing to pay a fair price for them, so as long as the price is reasonable we're open to almost any offer.

    Thanks for your help!

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    It looks like they're from their 2010 season, and they are doing a different set now (Enter If You Dare).

    I didn't find them anywhere for sale retail, so hope you can locate someone that wants to sell a set!
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    Yeah, I don't see them in retail. I guess they were pretty popular haha. I'm really hoping someone turns up with a set they wish to part with. Thus why I posted here. Thanks Frankie's Girl. *thumbs up*




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