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    Where do you find the video of madam Leota to make into a dvd for the crystal ball ?

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    Send me a pm with email address where you can receive a 16mb file and I'll forward. Can't publicly post - lawyers are apparently everywhere...

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    Hello- may I get a copy?

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    Me too please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSSV View Post
    Hello- may I get a copy?

    FYI - Sent 2 files and they are slightly larger than I recalled - 1 is 18MB the other is about 23MB.
    The smaller version has a blue swirl background (not sure who originally created or even where I got it from). The other is a slightly closer shot but no background added.

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    04Barb - check your mail.

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    momtapija - got your pm, check your mail, sent both files.

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    May I have a copy please ?

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    This would work perfect with the crystal ball and clay head I have now.... about half size as the real one, but I am sure I can scale it down in some way. Could I have a copy as well? dhcloud1 at gmail dot com. Thanks in advance.

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    I am making this prop. Can we still get the copy?
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