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    Talking Skull
    Here is a cheap talking skull TUT. First you need a talking skull. I buy them after halloween for cheap. You simply need to take it apart and find the two wires going to the motor that drives the mouth. This skull took 3-1.5 volt batteries so I am using a 4.5 volt (500ma) wallwart to drive the mouth and eyes.

    Talking Skull-imag0010.jpg

    I was initially using the famous christmas fx box to drive it but felt it was a little bit overkill though it worked fine. So I purchased a single channel color organ from Channey Electronics ($6.95). You can get these from several different vendors but I found the best price there. I have never done this type of soldering before but found it very simple and straight forward. It worked like a champ.

    Talking Skull-imag0009.jpg

    Here you can see it put together. The only thing I did different from the instructions is I put a 1/8" mono plug on the audio in spots instead of just two bare wires that are to get their "sound" by hooking them to a back of a stereo speaker.

    Talking Skull-imag0016.jpg

    One thing that I want to have is a speaker in the skull instead of using computer speakers in the chest. You can see in this picture a neat little miniamp with a speaker from radio shack. It costs 15 bucks and is well worth the money. They run on 9v battery or 9v wallwart and have an audio out if needed along with the audio in. I plan on putting it in the skull for a better effect. So, you see below the MP3 player with a spit audio cable. One side going to the color organ and the other going to the Radio Shack Miniamp. I have a 4.5 wallwart attached to the color organ. The wires from the wallwart go to the mouth motor and in this case to the LED eyes I put in.

    Talking Skull-imag0023.jpg

    Here are a few vids. The audio isn't the best. I quickly created these tracks in Audacity. I have 6 of these skulls that I am going to use in my cemetery this year. Now, these aren't 3 axis skulls, but for something better than a static character or a talking skull that says the stupid factory stuff, it helps the haunt. It will be fun to record multiple sayings for these skulls. I plan on getting rid of the plastic look by corpsing each of them. This is a super cheap way of adding some "life" to your scenes! Thanks!

    Sorry for the vid orientation. Learning to use my new Droid.

    Vid 2

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    Pretty easy and cheap. Nice work.
    Always scarying the YELL out of them.

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    great job!




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