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    HI there,
    I Posted a New Thread just yesterday, and it is No where to be seen?
    What seems to be the issue for this to happen?
    The site seems to be very very slow to this an on going thing, or are there Ghouls and Gremlins at work?
    Love the idea of the site, just not to impressed to date, with the speed or the issues with Posting.

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    Your post was made originally in the GENERAL HALLOWEEN section, but as it concerns a prop, it was moved to HALLOWEEN PROPS section. It is still there, and you did end up replying to it around 12:30ish today.

    The duplicate post you created today on the same subject in GENERAL was removed since it was a duplicate. All the other responses from the other posters were merged into the original thread you made yesterday (now located in the Halloween PROPS section).

    Here is the location: Should I "OVER BUILD" my Horse Drawn Hearse?

    In the future, you can click on your name and it should bring up a few options for you, among them, is one called "view forum posts" and clicking that should take you to a page showing all of your posting history. You can do this on any forum member too, just in case you are trying to find someone else's thread.

    If you are viewing the forum from your phone app, the above instructions will not work, but all the above should work if using a web browser. I don't know exactly how to find posts by a particular member and it doesn't show the different subsections of the forum when I go into the app, so I usually don't use it myself (MUCH easier to go to the web and view there if I'm looking for something specific).

    Hope that helps! (and welcome to the forum! )
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