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    Not sure if something is different since the last time I logged in but this time I clicked the updated thread email I received, then logged in and did NOT get the facebook redirect. Please respond and let this thread know if something was done. Hopefully this isn't short lived.


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    Hey all

    This is currently with the development team. As noted it is affecting all of our communities that run on vB4 like we do here. They are looking for a full fix.

    For those of you that are working on one browser and not the other - have you tried clearing your cache and cookies, after removing HalloweenForum from the Apps settings on Facebook?


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    A couple of days ago, tried logging in to HF for the first time this Halloween season. Repeated attempts garnered the "facebook re-directed too many times" message. I did not, however, delete my cookies as it would make my head hurt to have to re-input the 17,500+ passwords I have had to memorize for use across the vast Intrawebz.

    This morning, the problem appears to have finally dissipated.

    That being said, the other HF, which was working fine over the last couple of days, is coincidentally now out of commission.



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    We don't have anything new from our developer, so I've bumped the issue with him right now to see if he can take another look at this or to see if he's found a fix.


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    Yes. I did everything, cleared cache, cookies, history and removed Halloween Forum from the apps.

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    Was a long weekend here, but we should hopefully get a response from tech soon.


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    Many people are still having this issue with the Facebook redirect...even if they tried the delete app fix, different browsers, delete cookies, ect. I, myself, have never had an issue, yet, but I'm just posting this, here, for those who can't get on to post about it. I was talking in the original thread about this whole issue from last year, and was going to copy what UnOrthodOx had said to do to fix it and show it to those who can't get on, but I can no longer find that original thread to do so. Has anyone come up with another fix for this issue, yet? These people who are completely blocked out have been for months and used to be regulars here on the forum.

    In the meantime, I'll tell them to try making sure the app is deleted off Facebook, again, but I don't know what else to tell them. I really wish I could find the post UnOrthodOx made so I can keep it on file on my computer for future reference! (I tried the links FrankiesGirl linked at the beginning of those thread, but they no longer work...)


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