Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION
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    Default Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION

    Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION
    Here is Haunted Acres Manor's entry for the "Scary Scene Contest". Well of course, living in Texas every haunted house must include the Texas Chainsaw Massacre- so this year I am taking a stab at it. This project includes:
    • 1- 10x10 room
    • 2- rolls of black tarp
    • 1- can of red paint(special blend)
    • 1- body bag
    • 1- freezer
    • 1- metal rack
    • 2- strobe lights
    • 1- fog machine
    • 5- old encyclopedia's
    • 3- latex decapitated heads
    • ??- extension cords
    • 2- latex legs

    The room concept is to zig-zag between the many objects. Whether it be items placed on the cement or something hanging from the ceiling. Either way, you will still be jolting from one side of the room to another allowing the spectator to visualize and see everything included in the room. This concept will/has been created for inclusion into my haunted house this year, as i love it sooooo much. I think this has been some great fun for getting those Halloween juices flowing again. The best part was getting my hands dirty and in the red paint to create the bloody walls with my hands and everything. The props were bought from year's past...at spencers/spirit halloween. The funny part is, i actually discovered the body bag while i was cleaning out the garage. My total for this project including the props-would be around $150.00.My pictures are included below, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

    -----FINAL ENTRY PIC-----
    Attached Images Attached Images Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-000_0079.jpg Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-000_0082.jpg Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-000_0083.jpg Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-000_0089.jpg Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-tx2.jpg 

    "Where the only emotion you'll feel is... FEAR!"

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    Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION
    ----more Pics Attached---
    Attached Images Attached Images Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-tx3.jpg Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-tx4.jpg Haunted Acres Manor - TX EDITION-tx5.jpg 

    "Where the only emotion you'll feel is... FEAR!"

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    Whhooo hoo....love them legs in the freezer! And danglin heads. For some reason I am into severed this year. I like it ! Boy you are cutting it close. The final hours.....tick tick tick.
    Is your final entry pic coming? or which one are you using as your scary scene entry.
    I am liking the hanging heads. Love the bloody room. Good Luck on the contest !!!!!
    Today the Pond. Tomorrow The World!
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    Nice job! Your Texas Chainsaw Massacre scene looks great. I think you painted the perfect amount of blood drip drops.




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