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    Default Does anyone have a tutorial for building a mini pepper's ghost?

    I live in an apartment so everything (props and such) has to be small. I was wondering if anyone has any plans or a full-blown tutorial on building a miniature pepper's ghost? I was hoping for something with a foot print of 12 inches square by 24 inches high or something in that range.

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    I did a small one in one of my windows. I had the looking eye from Hallowindow playing on a TV with a small piece of plexiglass angled in the window and the TV off to the side. From outside you couldnt see the TV but you could see the eye looking around and you could see the rest of the room through it. A lot of people got a kick out of it

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    That's an interesting version...unfortunately, I'm upstairs with a balcony and tree that blocks view from the ground. Thanks though.




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