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    For the past two years, I've been part of a haunted hayride as a breast cancer research benefit. We hold the ride in a large nature preserve. One of the problems we face is the difficulty of bringing any kind of electrical power to our displays. Where this is most apparent is the lack of lighting. We currently light our displays with some battery operated lanterns, and that doesn't always lend itself well to making our actors visible when we need them to be. I was thinking about how to deal with this and I realized that though there is no power on the trail, all the passengers are riding in a walking battery (namely the truck pulling the wagon.)

    To that end, I was thinking we could buy a few 12V flood lights, mount them to the outside of the wagons and wire them into the cigarette lighter. The price of all these parts seems quite reasonable, especially since we're effectively working without a budget. I was wondering if the idea seems feasible and safe, or if there are other suggestions for dealing with outdoor lighting.

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    Not sure what the price differance would be but you could check into a power inverter. You should be able to find a small on at an auto parts store or mabe at Wal Mart. If your not sure what an inverter is, it plugs into the cigerette lighter port of the vehicle and outputs 120 volt ac (house current) that way you could just get some of the clip lights and use them.

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    If you are handy or know someone who is, you can make some battery driven LED Spots to light portions of the Haunt. You can search for instructions, but here is one I've found........


    Good luck!!!! Let us know how it goes!
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