How to secure tombstones into the ground?
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    Default How to secure tombstones into the ground?

    I've read about the PVC and rebar method.... But I do not know what a rebar is hahahaha. What is a good method to secure foam tombstones into the ground?
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    I put plywood bases on all my tombstones the plywood sticks out about 2 inches on the back I drill a couple of holes on the outer edge then nail them down with giant 12 inch nails haven't lost one in 10 years so far. (knock on wood)
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    In a pinch, I have bought 40-50 spikes (big nails) from HD and with a rubber mallet, pounded the head of the spike into the ground leaving the sharp end sticking out of the ground. Take you tombstone and slide over sharp spike. (Make sure you have enough of the spike exposed above ground)

    I do this every year and use the same hole in the bottom of the tombstone every time, works great. I have some great tombstones that I would not want to mess them up and this method has worked really well. They only thing is, make sure that you recover all the spikes or someone will mess up the lawn mower or worse, a foot.

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    rebar is a piece of metal. used in construction and by lots of DIY builders to make armatures, frames, etc. It looks like this:

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    How to secure tombstones into the ground?
    i use 24" long wooden stakes from lowes

    pound into the ground & use velcro to attach to the tombstone

    when done it is fairly easy to remove the stone from the stake and the stake out of the ground for storage for next year

    been doing this for years and never had any blow away

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    You'll probably think this is pathetic, but I live in northern Nevada, which means I live on a giant rock broken up by bits of soil. All my tombstones have the same re-bar spacing, so once I found places that I could actually pound the re-bar into the ground, they stay all year 'round. Yes that means my tombstones return to a set pattern each year, but I have enough (and am planning more) of them to rotate. During the off-season, each piece of re-bar is wrapped in geology flagging so no-one trips over them. I am also lucky that this whole setup is in an unincorporated section of my yard. The biggest pain is mowing around them - guess how often THAT happens! HM
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