Since we can't easily get Vantablack I decided to try something that is touted as the next best thing. It's called Black 2.0 by Stuart Semple who has had an ongoing feud with the creator of Vantablack because he won’t let anyone else use it.

I wanted to see if it really was dark and matte enough to make a difference to some of my Halloween props so I did some comparisons with matte black spray paint and Mars Black acrylic paint both as is and with a mattifying spray.

Now some more ‘practical’ comparisons.

Black 2.0 isn’t cheap at £11.99 for 150 ml so it’s not going to be useful for large projects. It also scratches easily because, well, matte paints especially acrylic ones usually do. Is it worth the price for fixing up skulls and other small bits here and there that need to be as dark and matte as possible? That’s up to you but I will say after looking at these I used the paint on my banshee and every skeleton and skull I could get my hands on easily in the house and in Halloween storage.

In closing, look how amazing it looks in black light!