Tempt Your Fate game - Bad Fates
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    Default Tempt Your Fate game - Bad Fates

    I thought it would be a good idea to compile everyone's ideas into one thread. I know that ideas have been asked for numerous times this year and I'm sure this topic will come up several times next year...this way we can point people to one thread with all the stunts we've come up with. Since all the parties are close at hand or already over I thought there might be some new ideas from people who are playing the game this year.

    Here's what I've got so far:
    1. Beg the person to your left to spank you.
    2. Have someone give you a uni-brow with a pen/marker or makeup pencil and leave it for the rest of the night.
    3. Imitate another party-goer and have everyone guess who you are.
    4. Receive a wedgie from the person on your right.
    5. Serenade someone.
    6. Be the servant of the last player until the next person tempts fate.
    7. Do the Thriller dance until you can convince 5 people to join you.
    8. Drink a beer while doing a hand stand.
    9. Wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes (or on your head) for an hour.
    10. Get everyone’s attention and lead a sing along to the Addam’s Family theme song.
    11. Attempt to seduce the person to your right.
    12. Show us your stupidest “human trick”.

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    oooh you're evil!

    We are only having 6 "bad" fates:

    Sing "the itsy bitsy spider" and do the hand gestures.
    Solo dance to the Monster Mash
    Eat chocolate covered ants
    Eat a chocolate covered cricket (OMG one has the leg sticking out!)
    Eat a too-realistic gummy mouse
    Compose a halloween haiku (may be timed... I have a stopwatch)

    We don't want to go too far this year as it's the first year we're doing this, but next year...
    I'm a Halloween Bride! 10/31/2002

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    I wish I would've tried a game like this last Saturday at our party, that would've been fun!

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    Here's a few more that one of my guys came up with:

    1. Silently pantomime your favorite horror character until someone guesses who you are.
    2. Come up with a porn star name for yourself that gets majority approval.
    3. Call a friend who’s not at the party and convince them that Kid Rock is there.

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    Here's my list of bad fates so far:

    Slave to the next person who talks to you for 5 minutes
    Get a singalong going to the Flintstones theme song
    Take a mystery shot
    Eat a mini-cauldron of something gross looking
    Go outside and howl at the moon
    Be hog tied or handcuffed for 5 minutes
    Chug a beer
    Laugh maniacally
    Do the limbo by yourself without a limbo stick
    Do not talk for 5 minutes. Do not explain if anyone asks.
    Walk through house saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" like Jack Nicholson for 2 minutes.
    Read the palm of someone you don't know.
    You must act like a zombie for 5 minutes
    Do an interpretive hula dance - with no music - for 1 minute
    Impersonate the person you came with
    Sing everything you say for 5 minutes.
    Act like a rodeo cowboy for 1 minute. Make sure you yell "yeehaw" a lot.
    Do a Halloween rap right now until the crowd tells you to stop.
    Attempt to bite the neck of the person your came with.
    Handcuff yourself to the person to your left for 15 minutes
    Get on all fours and howl like a werewolf.
    Hitch a piggyback ride on someone.

    My problem is coming up with GOOD fates! Can anyone share their ideas for these??

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    For Bad Fates:

    * Dance the Monster Mash like Frankenstein would. "Ungh! That's good!"
    * QUACK! You're a duck, so act like one. With feeling, baby!
    * Practice the art of being a vampire by stalking your victim dramatically. (from... um, the other thread... sorry, can't remember whose idea this was)
    * Sing along with Madonna because she's always in vogue.
    * I love you and you love me, won't you sing... like Barney
    * Why just dance? When you can RIVERDANCE!
    * Nevermore will you linger in obscurity. Give a poetry recital.
    * Make the very best fish face you can. The very best.
    * Don't be caught without the soul for getting down. Get down - 'cause this is Thriller!
    * Ehhhhh! Macarena
    * Come on, Scooby Doo. Sing the theme song in Scooby's voice.
    * Because a mime is a terrible thing to waste... be a mime in a box.
    * Go ahead. You know you want to. Take a little turn on the catwalk.
    * Get everyone's attention and lead a sing-along of the Addams Family theme. (from Rikki)
    * Who's a little tea spout? YOU'RE a little tea spout! Sing the song WITH hand gestures (from Frankie's Girl)
    * Say "Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers" 5 times really fast while patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

    For good fates, I have an assortment of inexpensive items (small liquor bottles, specialty candy, Halloween trinkets, etc.) On each of the good fate cards, I put a little something from a collection of mis-fortunes, Onion horoscopes, and Despair.com. Guests who get a good fate will get to pick their prize.

    Some of the good fate "mis-fortunes":

    * You have a big future somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.
    * Help! I'm trapped inside a balloon factory! ( the fate slips will be inside balloons... har-di-har)
    * Avoid large, heavy objects traveling at a high rate of speed.
    * Now is not the time to try something new.
    * The stars will be on vacation next year.
    * By the end of the week, you'll be the nation's foremost expert on muskrat attacks, industrial glue mishaps, and rare Egyptian curses.
    * The early worm is for the birds.
    * Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else.
    * One word. Zombies
    * You've never been good with technology, making an unstoppable robot army especially difficult for you to handle.

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    we did a tempt your fate game, and it was pretty great! It's after 4 am, and the last people just left. The only problem we had was with another game, where we had gold coins for people to buy dares. One person didn't do any dares, but convinced the early leavers to give their coins, so they won without having done anything. Kinda made the people who did do them feel cheated, so I'm gonna go get some prizes for them tomorrow. They were such great sports, they don't deserve to be screwed over like that.

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    I love all of these ideas so far. I am doing this game for the first time this year. I esp love the scoop for poop idea. LOL I have always wanted to make a cake in the NEW liter box, so this gives me a better insitive to make one now. And make people scoop for the tootsie rolls and baby ruths inside and eat them. Just love that!

    I dont have to many other ideas of my own. I plan on having my music played on a karokee machine, so I figured I would make one of the bad fates where they have to sing a song on the microphone. Still thinking of more, if I come up with any, I will share.

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    The big thing at our house is the auction!! It's tough to get adults to play games and like it so we have everyone play for monopoly money. This year we're also going to do good fate/bad fate and have the good fates be prizes and play money.

    After a couple hours we do an auction of about 10prizes. We wrap the prizes in similar craft paper so people don't know what they're bidding on. We mix in cool prizes (gift certificates, lottery tix, cute stuff like a sumo wrestler table top game ) and we have crappy prizes (homemade geico money character, inflatable cat, pizza hut coupon) and the last auction is the auction to take somebody's prize.

    This is a good one for mixed adult and kid parties. The littlest kid really gets into it and loves bidding! it's so cute.

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    Bad Fates:
    -We made (2) of the bad fates "hand cuff" fates. This way, the first person to get the "hand cuff" card will have to wait until the other is chosen & then those two people will be handcuffed together for 15 minutes.

    -We made (2) cards pudgy bunny cards. This way, the first person to get the "puggy bunny" card will have to wait until the other is chosen & then those two people will have to compete in a pudgy bunny contest in front of everyone.

    -Shotgun a beer & get as many party goers as you can to join you

    -Put on the funny hat or wig (provided by your host) & wear it for the next 30 minutes

    Good Fates:
    -We use prizes for the good fates
    "I myself am strange and unusual." -Lydia Deitz, Beetlejuice


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