Top 10 excuses for not coming to your party
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    Default Top 10 excuses for not coming to your party

    Help me out with the list

    -Couldn't find a babysitter (with a year, month, week notice)
    -Couldn't find a dogsitter. (who needs a dog sitter for one evening?)
    -Too far to drive home (then don't, spend the night)
    -I don't like costumes (but you will paint your face and wear a team jersey?)
    -I couldn't come up with a costume. (yeah, it's hard to paint whiskers on your face and call yourself a cat)
    -I couldn't find a date. (Who said you needed a date, this isn't a teenage makeout party)
    -(enter relative of choice) is playing in a football game that night. (football games are over by 10 or 11, our party goes till 3)
    -(enter relative of choice) is in town. (and you can't bring them...because?)
    -It's too far to drive. (it didn't seem that far when we came to your kid's birthday party)
    -I have to work until 6pm. (so do 99% of the other guests)
    -I have the kids this weekend. (so, you didn't realize you had them a month ago?)
    -I planned a trip for that weekend. (Sorry a year's notice wasn't enough)


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    The only one I got was "I have the kids this weekend."

    But they really did. I haven't heard from others who didn't show.

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    We had a couple that got sick, but figure that was a real excuse.
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    We had one who cancelled. But he called early in the week and said he had the flu and wouldn't be able to attend. His wife came without him lol At least she didn't use the excuse that her husband was sick and she couldn't come. We also had one that had concert tickets bought MONTHS ago for a very in demand concert (can't remember who it was lol) but she did ask if she could come after the concert which she did. She arrived around 10ish and was one of the last to leave....around 3 or 4 ish. We also had another regular that came late cause he had to go to a bday party first.
    We had one guy who would have been better off not coming lol He is normally loads of fun but this year was a real stick in the mud. No creativity with his costume, didn't dance, didn't goof off, and chatted about taxes the whole evening.

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    Too Funny , but true....
    We have lots of parties in our neighborhood ,and I think a few of us have decided the excuse of choice is a toss up between "We couldn't find a sitter" & "We have people coming into town.

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    Too funny. I think I got the best one....

    "I had acupuncture done on my back and I can't get out of bed."

    Oh and my best friend couldn't come because her kids were sick (which I know was true). But that being said, her husband still wanted to come to the party without her. What a jerk.
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    I got the ever popular "too far to drive" excuse from one of the guests... BUT he lives about 20 minuntes away. I had 8 guests drive from about 90 minutes away with no complaints.
    I also got the famed "I have the kids this weekend... " oh, ok, so with the month notice you received you could... 1. switch the weekend, or 2. get a babysitter.
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    How about....
    "I forgot!"
    "Was at another party!"
    "It is just not my thing!"
    "I do not believe in Halloween!"
    "I did not feel like going out!"
    "I had nothing to wear!" (Then come naked...perfectly acceptable!)
    or the ever famous...
    "I was getting ready to come over, but while I was doing my make up, I dropped a brush and when I bent over to pick it up, I hit my head on the edge of the sink and knocked myself when I came to, I noticed I was dressed like Dorothy and I figured that maybe I was Dorothy, and I could have sworn that my cat was a munchkin who kept telling me to 'Follow the Yellow Brick Road' so I did, but it only lead to my closet, so I busted a whole through the back wall, thinking this could only be the way to the Emerald City...but then reality hit and I saw that I had busted the drywall in the back of my closet and so I went downstairs to get some plaster and a Trough to fix the whole when the door shut and locked me into the basement with nothing but leeky pipes and spiders to survive on until the wife came home and she......"
    "I never Well maybe just this once!"
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  11. Default excuses, excuses

    we received a bunch of the previously named excuses but my fav of the night was that they were dressed and ready to walk out the door (full makeup on according to them) and out of town guests showed up at their door. whatever! I guess that atleast a creative excuse is slighly better than the bunch of folks who just didn't show up at all.

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    1. I don't like wearing costumes!
    2. I don't celebrate Halloween!
    3. I have nothing to wear!
    4. But the time is too late!
    5. I'm going shopping!
    And a wierd one, "I'm on a diet!"


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