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    Well I finally starting to recover from my party on Saturday. I still have all the dishes to put away, but at least they are washed. The party turned out great other than the fact that the cops shut us down around 2 am. Normally our hardcore partiers don't leave until 4 or later. I can't believe that someone two neighborhoods(that is where the cops said they called from) didn't like our Karaoke!! This is the first time we have been shut down in eight years, I still think that whoever called had to jerks cause it's not like we do this except once a year and it wasn't on a "school night". Oh well, at least the rest of the party was good. For the first time in eight years I was ready at the start of the party. Normally I am getting in the shower at 8 and making my entrance at 10. I think taking off two days and having all day Saturday really helped me get everything done. Of course I forgot to turn on a few props, forgot to light a few candles, left the frozen hands I made in the freezer, but overall it was great and everyone had a great time. Here is the link to our first two hundred pictures on our facebook page:
    Here are a few pics too:
    Name:  best.jpg
Views: 892
Size:  97.5 KBMe and my husband (Ginger the sixties playboy bunny and my husband Hugh Hefner from present day with the Best Overall Costume winner, Beetlejuice Name:  bunny 3.jpg
Views: 783
Size:  98.5 KB With my sister and brother-in-law Name:  costume.jpg
Views: 549
Size:  97.8 KBWorst costume winner, no costume Name:  snooki.jpg
Views: 467
Size:  99.4 KBSexiest costume, Snookie Name:  scary.jpg
Views: 561
Size:  97.2 KBScariest costume, Perbo the Clown Name:  funny.jpg
Views: 931
Size:  99.6 KB Funniest Costume, Keith Stone, the Keystone Beer guy Name:  original.jpg
Views: 1423
Size:  39.9 KB Most Original Costume, Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's doctor with his mother's milk aka White Russians Name:  occupy2.jpg
Views: 475
Size:  96.8 KB Best Couple, Occupy 134 Yeoman Road (my address) Name:  group.jpg
Views: 419
Size:  90.1 KB Best Group Three Beers and a ...Name:  band.jpg
Views: 455
Size:  98.4 KB Our Scaraoke Band, The Band of the Damned, starring Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis, Curt Kobain, Michael Jackson, and inducted this year, Amy Winehouse Name:  party.jpg
Views: 446
Size:  86.0 KB party shot Name:  shot block.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  58.3 KB shot block Name:  291751_1983826889919_1670663637_1321453_437267975_n.jpg
Views: 380
Size:  57.1 KB I Vant a Beer!!
    I hope every has a Happy Halloween and if your party was last weekend enjoy just dressing up and going out or relaxing this weekend, and if your party is this weekend, good luck!!!!

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    Brew8354 Great photos... the Conrad Murray was cracking me UP!
    Did you make your shot block or order it???
    Mental note ADD a SHOT block next year!

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    Holy moly, Brew! That's a lot of people! Looks like it was a good time

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    That looks like a fun party Brew!! You look great and I love the updo!

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    Is this the castle near High Point?

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    Is this the castle near High Point>
    Quote Originally Posted by allmapa1 View Post
    Is this the castle near High Point?
    Quote Originally Posted by Edward View Post
    In just over 24 hours our 2011 Halloween Soiree begins! I'm as ready as I've ever been and we have perfect weather here in N.C. for tomorrow night. Hope all of you other
    22nders have a great party as well. Pictures will follow on Monday I hope!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alltogetherdead View Post
    Brew8354 Great photos... the Conrad Murray was cracking me UP!
    Did you make your shot block or order it???
    Mental note ADD a SHOT block next year!
    Thank you and thank everyone else, we did have a great time!! Yeah Conrad Murray was classic, esp. since he brought pitchers of propofol with him, he even had the cooler marked Property of M. Jackson, too funny. We got the shot block from a guy who has a company making custom ice sculptures and shot blocks. Most people don't use these much anymore, but i love them!!! My friends def. went through alot of liquor on the shot block!!! We have had one every year and it is one thing that everyone loves because you don't see it at many parties. Happy Halloween!!

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    The shot block is a really good idea. All the stores this year seem to carry those "make a shot glass out of ice" silicone trays, but to me that sounds like an incredibly good way to make an incredibly huge mess.

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    So worn out from this year's party the wife and I had to head to Vegas for a week to exhale and recover. The good news is we are already working on next year's costumes and party ideas. I know, we're nuts, but we are in good company with all of our HF buds. Hope everyone had a great Halloween and I look forward to hearing all about your events!


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