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    I was totally freaking out up to the final moment with a 3 page "to do" list before the first guests arrived... still ended up running around lighting candles moving props, etc while the party was in progress... everyone had a blast, I have enough food to host 3 more events if I wanted to left over.... and I think I have more beer and hard liquor with what was brought and left than what we started out with.....

    all in all fantastic time, need to organize photos, update blog, and put away my 10 bottles of wine that were given as hostess gifts... I heart my friends....

    and I think everyone had a great time, even if the DJ barely played any of the Halloween Mix my husband put together for him....

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    Daytonagp4.....I already have my theme for next year too......Mad Scientist!! We must either really love Halloween, or we are just pathetic........I vote for the first one! HaHa

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    @ 33 yrs old... this was my FIRST time hosting a party (can you imagine!!). Didnt have many guests (thank goodness) but oh my, what an amazing time!! The house looked great (too bad it was too dark for pictures. Have to keep that in mind next year). I just had an absolute blast and cant wait to do it all again. For those of you planning next year already.... I feel ya!

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    Not as many guests as we'd hoped for - things come up and people cancel - but we still had a blast! I have loads of photos to share, can't wait!

    I never looked so good

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    Had a great party last night. 20 people in all. Smaller than our last one, but sometimes smaller is better. I had the "brilliant" idea of doing a 6-course dinner for the party and ended up spending more time getting the food ready and out than I did with my guests. Oh well, they loved it. We played "Tempt Your Fate". A milder version than most, from what I've seen posted on here, but I knew my group and mild is what they could handle. Everyone loved and laughed at the bad fates. Fate loves to make people act like animals and lip sync to songs. LOL
    I've posted a few pix below. I'm especially proud of my collection of apothecary jars. They were fun to make and I'm going to keep most of them for next year. And speaking of next year, I've already got my theme picked out: Haunted Carnival/Circus. I know there are lots of cool ideas and threads on here for me to peruse through. I can't wait.
    I hope everyone who had a party last night had a great time. Wishing everyone great success with all upcoming parties.

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    Just a few pics from our Halloween Soiree on Saturday night. You can see Name:  PA220253.jpg
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Size:  90.4 KB the entrance to the castle we rented with the torch lit entrance, the fog machine really created an errie effect as people came in and even drifted into the Great Hallway where all the food, drinks and dancing was taking place. We had just over 100 guest this year and we want to make the event even bigger next year, if my wife doesn't kill me for suggesting that. Anyway it went great and I hope you can get an idea of at least some of the fun we had on Saturday. Best of luck to all of you party hosts that still have a few days left before your big event. By the way, my wife and I are the Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Ghosts in one of the pictures. h[ATTACH=CONFIG]95916[/ATTACName:  PA220170.jpg
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    O-M-G Edward your castle party looks Phantastic!!! What a great venue!!
    PartyGuy, LMAO at the skellys, especially the one in the tractor lol, good job!
    Lil Spook, you look positively, awesomely gruesome!

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    Wow, what parties. I am so anxious to see all the pics. The castle ones are great. I laughed out loud at the pink roller "babe".

    Also agree with comments about the tractor and skellies. Lilspook, I showed your pic and makeup to my niece who loved it.

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    A few photos from our event.... I will post more in other sections of the forum over the next few days.

    Small Display of my Witch Potion bottles
    Name:  IMG_1851.jpg
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    Behind the large Reaper was our Costume Voting "BOO"th and to the right was our hired DJ for the evening
    Name:  IMG_1846.jpg
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    Close up of the Voting Area
    Name:  DSCF5234.jpg
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    Candy Buffet and some of the deserts

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    Red Velvet White Chocolate Covered Ghosts
    Name:  DSCF5293.jpg
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    Welcome Shots
    Name:  300872_2350053883278_1608044738_2290366_1338523974_n.jpg
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    Default All Together Dead Event 2011 Costumes

    Our Guests could come as anything they wanted, but if they expected to win a prize, they were instructed to come something commercial, Person or Product
    The Pine Sol Lady (this is a man), Dead Billy Mays, and Mr. Rogers (my son)... he creeped everyone out all night long with the "Howdy Neighbor", "Would you like to meet my friend Mr. McFeely" and his Daniel Tiger puppet....
    Name:  IMG_1850.jpg
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    Damon and Teresa, one of the two Musinex couples I had... this couple won for best Couple Costumes, they came with snot green jello shots....
    Name:  IMG_1876.jpg
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    Mike won for Most Original as he dressed as "Peggy" from the Discover commercials... "hello this is Peggy.... " His phone prop was labeled all extensions "Peggy" and the best part about his costume... Mike LOOKS like this everyday... his hair, his beard.....
    Name:  PA220321.jpg
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    Husband and I didn't match this year as he dressed as one of the "Mayhem" Allstate characters and I chose the Morton Salt Girl
    Name:  PA220290.jpg
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    an everyday vampire and a Polar Pop
    Name:  IMG_1865.jpg
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    Mr. Whipple and the Cheetos gal

    Name:  DSCF5292.jpg
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