Butcher shop menu??
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    Default Butcher shop menu??

    I'm looking for food suggestions that go with my butcher shop theme. Links or pictures would be great! Only aboit 20-30 peopleand the party starts at 8 so I'm thinking not too many main courses, plus im stressed for time that day! Thanks friends

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    Do a brisket and call it freshly flayed flesh. Serve it on a large platter or foil pan with a skelly in the middle of th flesh. Lots of barbecue sauce on the side. Put a huge butchers cleaver beside it. Hang those hanging body parts above it.

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    We are doing all body parts for our hospital theme and most of my ideas I got from someone on here, but we are doing bloody toes (little smokies in sauce), ear skins (potstickers), stomach contents (spinach dip) and bleeding brain (cream cheese in brain mold form with raspberry sauce). You could also do ribs, and eyeballs are easy too (donut holes with m&m's and red gel to make them look bloodshot). Good luck!




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