Well last year the party blew since it ended up being a surprise bday party...and it turns out the day I wanted a party this year is going to be another one...this time for my sister. I still live at home while I'm at school, so I dont always get the final say. But next year is going to be different. Now I live in Pittsburgh, PA and zombies are pretty big here. Next year I know we will have a REAL party...date is picked and all. First thing first...decorations...I know what I want on the outside...a cemetary with a few undead rising. Inside is where I get lost. A few ideas are my old crib in the entrance hall (not as big as it sounds lol) with 2 zombie babies (the one that eats and the other that just bangs). Upstairs I want some police tape on the bathroom door (ripped). In the bathroom a bloody shower curtain. Outside the bathroom a motion sensor body with a bloody sheet over it and when triggered the body "rises."

Now I still have no idea on decoration for the main area of the house...the look Im going for is house that got rampaged in the apocalypse. I also need some ideas for how to entertain the guests. THis is probably the biggest problem. We will have a fire pit outside and would like to keep some out and some in...we dont have an enormous amount of space. Also if anyone has a tutorial on making the body that rises please let me know. And I mean easy tutorial. Spirit has one, but it doesn't seem to be motion sensored. I want to put the sensor on the top of the steps so it triggers then and not later.

Sorry for the book I wrote above, I just always wanted to throw a party like this and never was able. All help is greatly appreciated.