Nerves- food help!!
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    Exclamation Nerves- food help!!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH party day october 15th!! Number of props and such completed....2 almost 3..... AHHHHHHH ok so we have all the supplies now its time to get started!
    I need help with some food ideas for the party
    the theme is basicly a twisted Alice and Wonderland..
    anyone have good ideas on what i can serve??
    we are having a bonfire and hopefully setting up the area like the tea party. we hopefully will have a rabbit hole as a treeline we have. theres some more details but thats the basic jist. I also need to check the weather for that week!! so much to do :] and calculus....darn calculus.... haha well please help me!!
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    If you can swing it, maybe some oysters, and have some empty shells with little bows hot glued on them. Maybe sugar cookies painted like cards, or with little words that say 'eat me'. Have little drinks with cards saying 'drink me', various flavored teas. You could serve a turkey and call it "Roast DoDo". Maybe cook regular dinner dishes and put a twist on the names. "March Hare Surprise", "Filet of Jaberwock", a salad made of edible flowers.

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    I've seen recipes of stuff like mocha mousse that's served in a teacup. Earl grey tea cookies are yummy; big shortbread cookies shaped like the Cheshire cat's mouth would be quite delightful as well.
    These cupcakes do look delicious. Oh my....
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    These are perfect ideas!! thank you guys sooo much!!
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    Tarts, of course.

    I recommend making your own, or buying them. Wouldn't want to accused of thievery.

    Buying those miniature pie shells and filling them with fruit or cream might be one way to go.

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    hmm i have never made tarts before lol this should be interesting thank you!
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