Any other skeptics out there?
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    Question Any other skeptics out there?

    I have to admit I am a skeptic. I used to absolutely LOVE spirits and ghosts and the like, but as I grew up and never experienced anything outright supernatural(ghosts moving stuff, etc.) I became jaded.

    Now this is not to say I haven't experienced anything. I have experienced my friend visiting me after his death. It wasn't visual just a dream and then waking to an overwhelming feeling of him being near. It was pretty amazing and frightening. I think frightening just for the fact that I had never felt/experienced anything like that, so my body didn't know how to react(fight or flight response).

    I definitely believe in spirits/angels(good and bad), but I have an extremely difficult time believing in anything "ghost" like. In that I mean a spirit that is moving stuff or making noise. I believe they can influence you and you can feel their presence, but that's it.

    I would love to hear other views on the matter. This is in no way saying they don't exist, nor is it saying anyone is wrong to believe otherwise. It's just to point out my view and how it came about.

    I am going on vacation for the next 3 days, so I hope to come back and see a bunch of replies to this thread!

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    I've have some expierences I can't explain. I like the fact that you're open minded enough to
    discuss. Some skeptics aren't willing to do that. A friend of mine at work and I were discussing
    UFOs and possible life on other planets, when another co-worker told us we sounded like a
    couple of nuts! I just replied, "May be so. But till somebody comes along and proves to me
    absolutely, positively, they don't exist I will be open minded enough to discuss the possibilities!" So are you. Good for you.

    I heard or read somewhere that die hard skeptics don't want to know such things exist.
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    I believe in angels/demons... but i think that a lot of paranormal 'ghost' stuff is over imagination (even though i've had weird experiences happen to me... there's a lot to say about the mental condition full of adrenaline.)

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    I think a lot of stuff is easily explained.

    I'm terribly skeptical of EVP's, for instance. It is SOOOOO easy to get voices out of thin air, it's not even funny. Couple cases in point:

    I worked at a "Haunted" warehouse for 10 years. Often in there alone. Often before sun up. And, every now and then, you WOULD hear voices, see movement, I even heard footsteps follow me before. However, I'm the kind of person that will go look into what caused something rather than run away.

    I found the source of the voices, and would TOTALLY mess with folks that would come in, and be back in the records rooms (the most 'haunted') by re-creating the circumstances that produced voices.

    The PA system was picking up radio signals, and if the speakers were left on, you'ld occasionally get a 'voice' come over it. Something about the wiring in that building made it pick up 1100 AM. Couple places picked up a different station. I even took a mega phone around with me and you could hear it talking to you. Kinda cool, but kinda disappointing at the same time.

    Man, I had people so spooked of that place...

    Another case in point, I was driving a Semi at the time. Some trucker at a truck stop kicked on whatever mega Hamm transmitter he had in his truck. Not only did it bring his voice through every speaker nearby whether tuned in or not, it lit up some headlights.

    And with cell phones and radios, and everything else flying through the air, that someone might record something that sounds a bit like a voice is really not that surprising to me.

    At the same time, I've had a lot of experiences, and I fully believe spirits can speak to us. Some of us are wired to hear them, some to see them, some to feel them, sure. It's training yourself to listen that takes time.

    Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

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    Thank you for the thread. As stated above, you're keeping an open mind, which is a good thing.

    I want to believe in spirits/ghosts, but I have never had a personal experience. I've been to so many haunted places and not felt a single thing. It's a real bummer for me.

    I've had other minor experiences, such as chronic deja vu, "gut" feelings, etc., but that's about it. of these days...
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    I've have quite a few experiences myself, so I most deffinatly believe. Not in a blind "everything is haunted" way, but more along the lines of being level-headed about it. When things happen, I like to figure it out, and explain it. So while I do believe, I am skeptical of the 'event' untill there is proof of what it is. Very few things actually have no explanation to them, when they happen. I've even went on a few ghost investigations to some supposed haunted places. Everything we found were just simple optical and acoustic illusions. The imagination is a terriable thing. UnOrthodOx has the right of it, so many things have simple explanations.
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    Sorry, I don't believe in ghosts, spirits or wriaths. I also don't believe in the Easter Bunny, leprechauns or Santa (anymore)

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    Right now I don't believe in ghosts. I do try to keep an open mind though and I would be the first to convert if I did have a true supernatural experience. I've visited many supposedly haunted sites but I've never had any experiences.
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    Hmm. I've never had a ghostly experience when I went looking for one. Only when I was going about normal every day happenings would I trip into them.

    I believe many paranormal encounters can be explained rationally. But not all.
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    the mind is a wonderful thing in the ways it manages to play with us and make us believe in what is not there and disbelieve what was really present.

    i have had a number of bizarre incidents with people shaped shadows, and hearing things that make no sense

    i have also been to haunted sites that freak even the most skeptical people i know. these sites had no real effect on me, i was mildly disappointed...

    i to like to think that perhaps there is a connection to what ever may be after this life.

    one thing i want to try most of all is making my own ouija board and attempting contact.
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