Christmas Halloween Poem
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    Default Christmas Halloween Poem

    A silly little poem I wrote.

    Christmas Shopping & Halloween Surprise

    Halloween's my favorite
    I miss it when it's gone
    And compared to Halloween
    Christmas is a yawn

    Don't get me wrong
    Christmas is not so bad
    It's just when Halloween's over
    it makes me kinda sad

    When I go shopping
    for some Christmas gifts
    I seek out Halloween
    it gives me a lift

    So while out shopping
    something caught me by surprise
    I saw a lollipop-filled jacko'lantern
    and tears filled my eyes

    It was on clearance, oh my
    I purchased it gratefully
    Happy that a little thing
    could bring such joy to me

    Yes I am a "sucker" for Halloween
    no pun intended
    I can't wait till next year
    after summer has ended.

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    i like your poem. It made me smile. Good job.

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    Thank you so much MorganaMourning! Have a Merry Scary Christmas!



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