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Hello there, is this your first visit?

Conversation Between ZombieRaider and HallowSusieBoo

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  1. Hello HallowSusieBoo!....Not thinking much about HW at the moment but as things start to thaw out, there are several big projects on the table for 2011 for sure!...Mainly things to refine in the main building and of course stretch it out just a little further....Thanks for stopping in to say "Hi".....ZR
  2. Hallow ZR!! Say - where have i been? When did you change your avatar? Hope your plans for 2011 are bubbling in that creative brain of yours! BOO!
  3. Hallow ZR! Just took a stroll through your wonderful pics and WOW!!! I started to make comments on each photo - but then I thought -- what the heck - might as well just cover them all with a big "WOW!!! THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC!" remark on your profile page. My fingers were getting cramped trying to add all the !!!!! to each comment! LOL With the holidays winding down, I can't wait to get focused on 10/31/2010! Happy New Year and see you on the Forum! BOO!
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