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Yubney - New projects started for H10

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Started bulding my witches scene.
  1. Got the colors down and adding hay.
  2. Got back onto trying to finish my hanging corpse for this year. It will end up bloody.
  3. Ignore the cans on the floor. They have been accumilating over several days and that's my story.
  4. Getting it bloody... just the base coat. Still some color details to paint in.
  5. Guts are done. Harness, color and hay still to be added. And still a little torn flesh is due around the bottom ribs.
  6. Scarecow costume chest piece coming along. Decided he should have intestines dangling.
  7. Fleshing it out.
  8. Started my costume scarecrow chest piece.
  9. This will be much like my mask with straw and vines as part of the "stuffing".
  10. 3-M adhesive glued polyestor quilt batting put down.
  11. I think the batting really turned out "bubbley" especially in the dark with the fogs and lights going.
  12. Wood surface for "contents". It was originally supposed to turn with the motor but I found it was too much trouble and unnecessay.
  13. Mounted wiper motor, strung wire to hang led xmas light on, and the hole in the bottom is where the fog pipes into. There is also now a speaker...
  14. Surface painted black with screen over the openings to allow light and fog through.
  15. A few more holes to cut out for lights and fog.
  16. Heck of a time getting the stir motion right.
  17. Coming together... still lots to do with the cauldron contents.
  18. Some silver paint on it, and some black for the charring from the fire. It will have a wiper motor stir stick for the witch. The brew will also...
  19. Leaned her forward... she was standing too straight.
  20. Human skin apron and a bit of jewlery... more trinkettes I want to add but packed away in a box somewhere.
  21. Neck motor running and eye's glowing. Without the flash the pic blurred but I thought it was a wicked effect anyway.
  22. Started my witches caldron.
  23. Sewing and latex gluing the burlap onto the "under mask".
  24. Putting on the foam molded mouth parts and hay.
  25. Test fit... still needs tweeking.
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