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Haunt H10

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Nov 3 and I've still not broken much down yet. LOL
  1. Daytime stirring witch with bone burner. Sorry folks it was just too dim and cramped in the shack to get night shots without using the flash.
  2. Daylight witch with familier in background.
  3. My last minute harvested corpse.
  4. Front detail... I was in a hurry to throw on the pigment at the last minute with time to dry.
  5. Back detail.
  6. Harvested corpse.
  7. Me singing "On The Good Ship Lollypop".
  8. Witch cabinet below.
  9. Witch shack. I intended a look through window on the side but under the gun to get everything out in time.
  10. Slow apeture and movement I couldn't get a clear witch pic. Unfortunately she wasn't stirring. I had to put back the wiper motor once I got the boys...
  11. Witch cabinet potions.
  12. Spider web scene.
  13. Porch.
  14. Der house.
  15. Der house haunt.
  16. There will be a pile of corpse in the wagon next year... so little time.
  17. Grave yard. I gotta get some fog out there next year. Had intentions this year... intentions. :P
  18. More grave yard.
  19. Those LED spots and some pvc candles put out for this year.
  20. Kiddos on the hay raide.
  21. The Ol' Girl.
  22. My costume.
  23. The kiddos.
  24. Cemetary is up... got some old park benches from a neighbor wanting rid of them. I was going to replace the slats but think I'll save them for the...
  25. Boarded windows... the upper part of the water feature has one of those bowl foggers in it but a little wind doesn't make it appear much.
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