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  1. Hallow and sooo cute Gobby! Love the pics you find to share and you always are so thoughtful to keep me on your list! Love this one especially - thanks so much and here's hoping your Easter was wonderful. Hugs and ....BOO!
  2. BOO!

  3. Oh Gobby - this is PERFECT!! Just what I needed to start out the New Year! Thanks so much - and true thanks for being such a great HF 'fiend". You make us all smile!! BOO!
  4. Hallow Gobby! I am back home in Ohio and glad to be back for sure! FLorida was great - but still much too cold for my thin blood! Glad you got my card - and I see that your photobucket image was waaaay to large for the system! And here I thought size doesn't matter...LOL

    Hope you are in for a fantastic new Year and then on we all go to 2011! Can't wait! BOO!

  5. Got your card. Thanks. Merry Christmas!
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