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Photo 1 of 11 from Haunted Tree (New for 2008)

11 - Poems are made by fools like thee,
but I just made a Haunted Tree.

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10-29-2008, 11:34 AM
Haunted Tree (New for 2008)
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The Dark Gardener
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  1. Junit
    Great tree!
  2. Britishwitch
    That tree is FANTASTIC!!!! I have just got enought time me thinks between now and October!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. litemareb4xmas
    That's a wicked tree, ingenious!
  4. Dr. TerrorEyes
    Sooooooo mega-cool!! Nice job. I am very impressed. I always wanted to do one, now I'll just pout about wanting one that cool.

  5. Dr. TerrorEyes
    How heavy is the finished tree?
  6. Lauriebeast
    Wow Roger, that tree is fabulous!
  7. Chaserbug
    Now that is a haunted tree!
  8. LadyDi4613
    Is there instructions on how to make this tree...I need to make one for my Easter drama....fantastic.!!!!...
  9. notjustaphaze
    WOW!!!....I was searching for Haunted tree ideas and boy does this work...
  10. Cvera
    Just wondering.... How manuverable is this tree... where will you store it the rest of the year!! is it heavy??
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