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  1. just dropping by to say hi
  2. just dropping by to say hi
  3. Hi hallo, I sent an e-mail out to her today, I will let you know if I hear anything.
  4. just dropping by to say hi
  5. Listen if you are really interested in getting an FCG get one from Pugsly his price is pretty reasonable and he really does walk you through hooking up the FCG once you get one or make one. They are not expensive at all to make I've seen them on EBAY the entire rig ghost and rig together for like 250, Pugsley was selling his rig for 105 I believe and that included shipping. The EBAY price does not. So its a pretty good deal. If you can sew you can easily make the ghost. I cant sew I wish I could. My mom is an excellent sewer just never wanted to learn I guess. So for 105 and a few more bucks you could have your very own FCG. Just a thought incase you are interested in it. Let me know if you decided to jump in and get one. I think you would really love the effect if you got one. Have a great week Hallo
  6. just dropping by to say hi
  7. You are probably referring to the message I left for Bethene. If you read it again you will see that I actually could NOT hook up the FCG. That is why I needed to pm Pugsly for help. After he sent his instructions I still needed my husband to help me See I really can not do mechanical things. Im not hiding it, really. I mean dont get me wrong I can do all sorts of interesting things darling but posting pictures is not one of them. Now listen I finally did post my pic doesnt that get me off the harrassment list
  8. just dropping by to say hi
  9. just dropping by to say hi
  10. just dropping by to say hi
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