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    Today, 04:39 AM
    kelloween, I like the witch one too.
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    Today, 03:20 AM
    2134 is no more.
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    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    happy Easter everyone
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    Yesterday, 07:24 PM
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    Yesterday, 07:22 PM
    happy Easter, and grabbing last
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    Yesterday, 07:18 PM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Members A - Z in Games
    sending Easter wishes, u is for undertaker
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    Yesterday, 06:59 PM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Random Humor in Haunted Humor
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:52 PM
    I got a bit more done today, I don't have as much done as I would like, but am working on it. One thing I started I don't like, not sure if I can get it to where I like it, I am pretty self critical, I know, but I just didn't like how it was going, so we will see,
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    Yesterday, 05:09 PM
    Garthgoyle replied to a thread Hannibal in Horror Discussion
    Of course, a first-time viewer would have to sit down to the most recent episode and its horse mutilations/'rebirthing';) Then again, which is a good starting point?:D
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    Yesterday, 05:01 PM
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:00 PM
    happy Easter everyone. and thanks to all for the wishes.
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:53 AM
    I guess I should be clearer, I meant the show us your newest craft thread. Man, that doctor sounds like a jerk, to say that to you, and a infection hurts really bad also. I have a ways to go on my crafts, but I at least feel like I accomplished something! I ate too much, need to do the dishes now, then I probably should go for a walk, burn up some calories!! And I didn't even eat any brownies yet, lol!
  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:37 AM
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:12 AM
    groundskeeper, one word...A M A Z I N G digger, I LOVE it. defense, your sign looks GREAT.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:06 AM
    nowhining, I'm glad your teacher made you hang in there. keep going, you're doing good. it may seem like a long way off, but it sounds like you're close. I know, it's easy for me to say, harder for you to do, but it will be worth it. soon no whining, soon. hey look, you got lots of support from a lot of good people. this forum rocks.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:11 AM
    I was wrong about the premiere date... The show begins tonight. An interesting article about the various characters and their real-life inspirations: https://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/the-real-characters-behind-the-story-of-wgn-salem-170718327.html
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:00 AM
    nyxy, that is adorable. thanks for sharing the pattern. I use to knit and crochet, I haven't since I was pregnant with my daughter. I enjoyed it. someday I will again. I think I will keep this pattern. thanks again. hilda, those eggs are way cute. I was just in walmart yesterday, I missed out. I would love these. Bethany, I was thing the same thing about the skulls. what a perfect afghan. a granger, those are awesome skulls. the facial expressions are priceless. that would be a...
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:50 AM
    Great setup. I really like the bride at the window and the evil little gourd.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:45 AM
    Your acquaintances did an outstanding job on the elegant, Gothic altar, 3pp. Even the idea of using solely candles/luminarias could have serious potential, though, base on that second photo.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:40 AM
    The fortune teller sign is fantastic, Kelloween.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 AM
    I think the like button is back. that's cool you got a lot done. can't wait to see it all. for sure, take pictures. I'm sure they all turned out good. what is the new craft section? my legs feel better. they hurt like that every night after work. my grandson is working this same job now. he says after work he doesn't want to do anything, his legs hurt. we're on cement 8 hours. isn't it that way where you work? way back when I was pregnant, I stepped on a piece of glass and cut...
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:20 AM
    booswife, I like the umbrella stand. and that is a pretty orange bottle. or whatever it is. lairsmistress, sounds intriguing. I can't wait to see what you do with it. bluefrog, I always love hearing from ghost of spookie, she always seems to point out great deals, and she has a lot of clever advise on doing things up. I think she is an undercover promoter. I'm good with that, she has been worth my time many an exploit. I see the like button is back. I think. ghost of spookie via ...
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:20 AM
    oh cool, the likes posts on the visitor page, need to check it out. I got alot of small stuff done for the reaper yesterday, I need to remember to take pictures of them to put in the your new crafts section, I always for get . I think one, maybe two so far turned out pretty good. well,, can't wait to see what you bought at goodwill, II hope your legs feel better, yes, the shots in my thumbs hurt , but I did not cry, the left hand hurt worse for some reason, If this works I need it done...
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    04-19-2014, 08:26 PM
    davy, cool you can skateboard. my grandson is no tony hawks, but he use to board a lot. could do a few stunts. could hold his own for around here. my daughter gave him her old skateboard from when she was little. it was a pretty nice one. then she found out it was selling for a lot on ebay. haha, no take backs. it had a big cobra on it. nice photo sid. I like how groomed you keep your goatee. it would even look great with a mustache
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    04-19-2014, 08:15 PM
    thanks for the friendship request.
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    04-19-2014, 08:14 PM
    it's going good. worked today. time and a half. I have tomorrow off. just want to hang around home. ouch, I hope I never have to have shots in my thumbs. did you cry? I would have. why does getting well always incorporate pain. don't one have enough pain already. so I went to goodwill, got three cute items. I couldn't carry my milk, groceries, and magazine all in at once, and my legs hurt to bad to go out to get them, i'll post them tomorrow. can't wait to see your pumpkin. I...
  • bethene's Avatar
    04-19-2014, 06:54 PM
    I worked on projects for reaper all day, got a couple of small ones done, and several partially done. I would work on one , set it aside, go on to the next, I at least I feel I got something accomplished
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    04-19-2014, 03:45 PM
    Anyone celebrating tomorrow, enjoy the day.
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