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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 09:39 AM
    Bethany, those are win win finds
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 08:42 AM
    pretty quiet here,I hope everyone is busy with projects and not ill! I have a lot of ideas! ! now to get going! !!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 08:01 AM
    I am sure others must of noticed too! Hey, I can always use more love!!:)
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 07:39 AM
    cai88, those are very nice. they would be great on columns.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 07:30 AM
    hey, did I tell you my one neighbor backed his car into my car the other day? if not, i'll tell you about it. yeah, I think a few people on the thread didn't like she did that. she sent to just about everyone but me. she made comment to she had sent requests to some but they never responded back. I think they thought she should drop the attitude. I just said....hey, I don't see mention anywhere you joined. I would have sent you a card. and i would have. anyway, hey, where's the love. ...
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 01:28 AM
    hey, you guys who are only wanting so many, make sure you post when you have enough. gee, I better pm fast so I have first shot at you guys. lol.
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:18 PM
    I hope she's good now, if i remember correctly,her books are good! I don't feel like joining the Valentine's card thing,if that person does that, they are worse than I thought!
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:01 PM
    oh, I'm glad you like Judith krantz. that helps. one time I read a book by Barbara Bradford, never again. that was the most boring book I ever read. so boring, I can only imagine all her books are that way. never ever again. yeah, any time you want to brain storm on the reaper, I'm up for it. so I joined the valentine exchange. always fun. I wonder if a certain person will do like the last couple of times in the past. she will not say anything about joining. then pm the ones she...
  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:46 PM
    get well,everyone, booswife02, loved your story, glad you got such good deals! I picked up a couple of things to get going on some crafts....
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:43 PM
    Yes,I have read her,a long time ago,I think she is good! I had fun chatting with you too! We brain stormed good for the reaper! I sure hope you can get a better job! !
  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:50 PM
    My primary complaint is the endings, not the overall seasons. Coven had some amazing scenes, as did Freak Show, but the first two arcs were so much stronger in their conclusions. I do certainly do agree with you regarding that last bit, Xfireboyx.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:40 AM
    I have no limit, and I will send anywhere. mine will be store bought. in the past I sent to anyone on the forum I had an address on, 60 or 70 people, but limited funds will only allow for all those that sign up and exchange addresses with me. I am so looking forward to valentines. stinkerbell, in the past Susie boo always ran this exchange, but she has a lot going on in her life right now. she will be glad someone picked up the valentine exchange and executed it. thank you. I've...
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:13 AM
    nice talking to you last night. got 2 resumes sent in now. we'll see. did I tell you I finished the last book you sent, it was great. I'm reading now the little princess. I'm half way through. then I'm going to read the minstrals daughter by Judith krantz. have you ever read anything by her? I've never read her. I sure hope she's good. well, have a few things to do before I go to work. talk to you later.
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:06 AM
    I'm in. should be fun.
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  • Scatterbrains's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 10:59 PM
    If I decided to move and build a house, I would be done haunting...but I'm not looking at moving. For me, based on the improvements I made, power and storage would be the two primary factors.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 07:59 PM
    this is very good. love it
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 07:56 PM
    hallorenescene replied to a discussion random blow mold chat in group Blow Molds
    do you hit garage sales a lot? goodwills? do you have a menards?
    36 replies
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 07:53 PM
    lairmistress, I have this guy too. he is so cute. I think of a big fluffy marshmallow every time I see him. I would say he was on his way to the landfill for sure. probably because he was faded. you saved him. tell your hubby he's awesome. their loss, your gain. if you do repaint him, they will probably never even know it's their guy. hilda does a lot of stripping and repainting, so if you need any advise, she's great about helping. it's not hard at all. I've repainted a candle...
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  • bethene's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 06:50 PM
    I have a a lot of fun idea's! ! can't wait to get started!
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 04:08 PM
    I am glad that my situation makes you feel less alone, wickedwillingwench. It is what it is, and I most certainly agree about doing the decorating for oneself. 'Beautifying' the woods could be tons of fun, even if just for photo ops. Yes, it is depressing feeling forced to move and not knowing what to expect. I hope that things work out well for you and the family, Countess No, and that Trunk or Treat is not what it comes down to. I attended one years ago, with a couple of...
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  • Johnny Thunder's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 01:34 PM
    Thanks, Bob. Spread the word! :cool:
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  • bethene's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 01:09 PM
    I think every one has their victims now, if not let me know, I did some on my phone and some on the computer, so am not always sure of doing them on my phone, gotta tell ya, I love my victim, am brain storming ideas, I actually thought of a good teaser, hehehe,,,,, this is going to be fun!!!!
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  • Mr_Chicken's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 10:44 AM
    Cool! Normally, I'd recommend doing a sort of sand colored base after the primer, then doing darker washes on top. But I like the dry, excavated look yours has. One thing I'll sometimes do (which I think would be similar to the leather gel) is to mix a bit of dark paint with Minwax Polycrylic satin. Lets you do a bit of a glaze, rather than a solid color, but it stays in place better than if you watered it down.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 10:10 AM
    Same here. I am definitely ordering the Cthulhu Spawn... Thanks for all of the recent links, and the new displays shown are wicked.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    01-25-2015, 09:56 AM
    We are all at least a little crazy... Where I am moving, I am most likely not going to be able to do an outdoor display and probably will not have any ToTers, so I wanted to be certain to have room to decorate indoors, even if no one else sees it.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 11:47 PM
    cool mask shadowbat. oh what big teeth you have....all the better to bite you with.
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  • bethene's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 07:14 PM
    almost time ,started the victim/ reaper match ups, any one else before I get done?
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 07:00 PM
    that's great Bethany. hate to think you hate it and are stuck.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 06:54 PM
    boohoo, I have 2 of those. the first one I bought brand new, not on sale. it didn't work real well. I was hesitant on buying the second one. but it was a garage sale find so cheap for like a $0.25. it works great. pib, it's really really cute and iron as well. whoo hoo! great find. your hubby rocks. saki, awesome score. frogkid, nice score. those things cost a bundle brand new. and they're always useful.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    01-24-2015, 06:46 PM
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