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    Yesterday, 11:36 PM
    Dead & Buried After visitors to the small town of Potter's Bluff are brutally murdered, they reappear later as living members of the community. Sheriff Dan Gillis investigates and eventually discovers a dreadful secret. Stan Winston provided impressive effects, but he was unavailable when they decided to add a brutal murder scene later. A different F/X team was used for this scene resulting in an unimpressive effect. I don't wand to spoil it, but you'll see it later in the movie.
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    Yesterday, 12:59 PM
    From what I have read, she did not like the direction of the show and felt that both she and her character were being disrespected, although there certainly could be more to it. I enjoy both Gotham and Lucifer:D
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    05-23-2016, 11:16 PM
    RRguy replied to a thread Annoying Interviews in Off-Topic Stuff
    You do go back, don't you. I'm 63, but I grew up near Chicago & Jack Brickhouse. They conduct interviews before & after the game & then interviews are shown later on the news, which is fine. But is it necessary to interfere with the game? There were instances where there was action on the field, but the audio was covered by the interview. You wouldn't have heard "It's Over the fence for a HOME RUN!" They also had a camera on the broadcasters in the booth for a couple of minutes...
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-23-2016, 08:14 AM
    Saki, love the dresser! !!! Fabulous work as usual !!! love the dragon on the light,,and the pumpkin redo is awesome...might have to give that a whirl...I collect snowmen anyway,have some in not. such good shape for Christmas,so when I go through them, I know what I will do with them!
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  • stick's Avatar
    05-23-2016, 06:50 AM
    Hello and Welcome.
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    05-22-2016, 09:38 PM
    RRguy replied to a thread "Goofy" Horror Films in Off-Topic Stuff
    There was Without Warning (1980), an alien movie with Jack Palance & Martin Landau. It was pretty silly, but I got a kick out of it.
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    05-22-2016, 09:17 PM
    I just watched a baseball game today on ESPN for the first time this year. They were conducting interviews during the game with kind of a split screen with about of the screen taken up with the interview & showing the game in progress. I found this rather intrusive. Is it just me or does anyone else find this annoying?
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    05-22-2016, 08:45 PM
    I don't usually watch this kind of movie but I liked this one. I like Nathan Lane, and that cockroach (or part thereof) was creepy. Pretty funny. I just watched Rio Bravo, a western. An accomplished sheriff tries to keep a killer in jail until the marshal shows up. Helping him is a ragtag group of deputies, a recovering drunk, a game-legged old man & an inexperienced but competent kid. Trying to break the killer out is his brother, a rich rancher, & 30-40 of his hired men. John T....
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    05-22-2016, 05:33 PM
    Neat, plus for a very good cause. I really like the idea for next year's design. Rubber with wire innards twisted around the wood, perhaps?
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    05-22-2016, 05:21 PM
    Your region must be quite a drag if that is true.
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    05-21-2016, 03:33 PM
    I also like how they are interweaving the mythologies of doctors Jekyll and Frankenstein. Although it does make perfect sense to stick to soldiers that would be totally unexpected in the upcoming war that Dorian and Lily are planning, the 'army of whores' remark itself had me laughing. What has been done with Dracula is quite interesting, as is the take on Renfield. Without going into detail regarding the others and wrecking the storyline for anyone who has not gotten caught up just yet, I will...
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    05-18-2016, 05:03 PM
    The show looks like it could have potential, although A&E's spectacular Damien is serious competition. Does your rat give autographs?;)
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    05-18-2016, 04:43 PM
    It is a sometimes sad fact of life that nothing remains the same. People move away, feel too mature to dress in costume, die off, become more interested in other pursuits, lose their motivation due to a wide variety of factors, do not know/trust their neighbors, or any number of other reasons for not getting into the celebration. Halloween is being forced to change, but it is still very much alive, at least in the hearts of those who are willing to believe in the magic of the midnight hour and...
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    05-18-2016, 04:22 PM
    Glad that I waited the extra day... Thank you so much for the discount. It is a very good album with quite a variety of tunes. I also noticed that Maniac got redone a bit and will go by another title (3 Minutes to Midnight) when the new Sam Haynes album hits; really digging the more forceful ending to it.
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  • RRguy's Avatar
    05-17-2016, 10:21 PM
    X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (1963) A scientist develops eye drops that enable x-ray vision & tests the drug on himself, but the results are disastrous. Having seen this Corman classic as a kid, I remembered the FX to be somewhat lame, but after seeing this recently, I see that they were actually decent for the time.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    05-17-2016, 05:23 AM
    Nice place. Congratulations.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    05-16-2016, 12:52 PM
    At least you are on the fence... This past season was quite disappointing and rightfully should have been the end, I'd say. It is a pity that a truly fantastic show such as Hannibal has been outlived by the travesty that this once-great series has become.
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    05-14-2016, 09:29 PM
    RRguy added 1 photo(s) to album Avatars
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    05-10-2016, 11:25 PM
    Squirm In the small town of Fly Creek, Georgia, a severe storm brings down some power lines to the ground drawing up millions of aggressive carnivorous Glycera worms which threaten the town. I saw this movie several years ago and was more impressed back then than with this most recent viewing. With videotapes, CDs, rentals & a lot more TV channels it's easier to find good movies now than back then. It's a silly movie, but you may like it if you like low-budget "creepy-crawly" horror...
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  • Scatterbrains's Avatar
    05-09-2016, 07:53 PM
    Can't really see because it is dark outside and theres a bunch of crap on top of it, so can't lift lid...but looks like screwed through the long piece, then made a spacer out of PVC then screwed into coffin. Probably have a piece of wood inside to give it strength. Thinking about it, could probably get away with attaching a couple of bigger tees, then slide a thinner piece of PVC through them
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-09-2016, 02:52 PM
    I was reaped today also! ! Scareme was my reaper and sent me two painted wooden plaques...they are stunning! I love them! thank you scareme!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-09-2016, 09:59 AM
    I received this adorable plate and two wax melts from WitchyKitty! She knew I have been having a stressfull time and was sweet enough to send these to cheer me up! thank you so much! you are so sweet!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-09-2016, 09:33 AM
    oh my what a gorgeous shaw. ..love it, !!
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  • RRguy's Avatar
    05-08-2016, 09:07 PM
    Haven't seen The Visit. I may check it out when I get the chance.
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  • Scatterbrains's Avatar
    05-08-2016, 08:33 PM
    I've made them out of PVC, but don't lift with them...just for show.
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-08-2016, 07:51 AM
    I received a teaser yesterday! !! a great Halloween card and two minion keyrings! !! will be putting them as pull tabs on my purse to remember every day !
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-08-2016, 07:49 AM
    oh,that's so cool! !!!! great reaping demented diva! !!!!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-06-2016, 06:00 PM
    mine is also on the way, of course I per usual am stressing about it being good enough, you would think after all the reapers I have done I would be a bit more relaxed!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    05-05-2016, 12:32 PM
    oh my gosh...had my box in the car to mail...got in a zone and forgot to go to the post office! !!I seriously am such a flake!
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  • stick's Avatar
    05-05-2016, 09:48 AM
    Looks great thanks for sharing a picture of it.
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