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Hello there, is this your first visit?

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  1. belated!
  2. Yes, My father was stationed there. We went to school in town. My middle daughter lives in London and we visited her last May. We wanted to go up north but with the time we had and the difficulty reaching Campbelltown we did not go this trip. We are planning to go again to see them and this time we will make it up north. I am a huge fan of Scottish music, the Corries are my favorites. Thanks for responding, Keith
  3. hi keith - I'm in a small village on the west coast - Rosneath - near Helensburgh. Been to campbelltown a few times as my sister lived there for a few years - her husband was a local cop there in the late 80's & they lived in one of the the police houses there. Were you stationed at the base?
  4. Where abouts in Scotland are you? I lived in Campbelltown for about 4 years back in the late '60's early 70's. Would love to make it back and see the town again. Keith
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