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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:39 AM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on Pumpkin5's profile
    (standing ovation) Papa Voodoo is as good at it gets! Your work is over-the-top incredible. :)
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:38 AM
    Hilda replied to a thread Mechanical: Papa VooDoo Rises From the Grave! in Halloween Props
    HOLY MOLY! That is seriously fantastic Halloween magic right there! My jaw is on the keyboard. WOW. Wow. Incredible work. Incredible VISION! Beautiful. Beautiful. Papa Voodoo is a work of art. The fact it is a collaboration is... beyond fantastic. He's everything I love about Halloweeniacs. Great job!
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Today, 07:37 AM
    Nice job on the carnival theme.
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:34 AM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on bobzilla's profile
    UNfreakingREAL..... LOVE Papa Voodoo. That is seriously crazy stuff right there.
  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:26 AM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on blowmoldcrazy's profile
    Those signs in the SR thread... they had a bunch of different ones in the front of Target at Arena Plaza yesterday. Only $1 each and they are double sided.
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:14 AM
    I didn't already write to them. See below... but I bet if we go to their main website, there must be a 'contact us' option. :) EDIT: Oops. I posted before I scrolled down and saw Defenestrator's response. Thank you! :)
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:04 AM
    Hilda commented on Hilda's photo in album Miscellaneous Props and Projects
    Thank you so much!
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:04 AM
    Hilda commented on Hilda's photo in album Miscellaneous Props and Projects
    Thank you! :) Put this together a few years back... He's my first 'grown up' prop. LOL
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:19 AM
    mr chicken, your crystal ball looks great Nathan, that is going to be a cool costume your wife wears.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:13 AM
    I'm not so much disappointed in product as I am in pricing. seems the same quality they put out last year is the same quality this year at almost double the price.
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  • jdubbya's Avatar
    Today, 04:45 AM
    Thanks! It's coming together nicely. We're scavenging paint now. Got two cans of olive green/gray "oops" paint for $8.00. The halls will be black. It's not pro level but lewlew has done similar builds before for his haunt and I've learned a lot from him. The thoughts of going bigger next year have crossed our minds more than once! Yup! The machine gun nest will be against the outer front fašade. It will have a dead guard, some flames, a couple guns and other props to simulate an...
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  • osenator's Avatar
    Today, 04:22 AM
    Thank you. I think that is one of the reasons I liked it too, you can use her in many ways. I can have her even sitting in a chair and looking freaky. As I joke, i wanted to lay her in bed with me, but my wife forbaid me into doing it (L).
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 04:21 AM
    roach, nice pub sign. jersey, those bust are very cool. Bethany, I've shied away from props too because of a repeat sound track. and your bar looks phenomenal. panampia, you got a gold mine. most times those are way out of my budget. $4.00 is a steal. gos, that guy is great looking. I love his face, I might be tempted to change his outfit though. osenator, nice buys. those lenticular photos were very cool. they were ones I don't have. your wall climbing girl looks creepy. I...
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 03:55 AM
    Hilda added 4 photo(s) to album Miscellaneous Props and Projects
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:56 PM
    spookyone, those are nice candles. pib, I'm glad you like everything. I got 2 of the vampire things. one for you and one for me. there was a whole box of them. I picked out the 2 nicest. I thought they looked old too, and homemade. and they were very different looking. and there is a jar for a potion. was there no label in the box?
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:39 PM
    shadowbat, that is one cool mask. that eyeball, the mouth, the texture and skin coloring all are fantastic. unorth, nice masks both of them. I always look forward to your haunt set up. 89lt1, thanks. I love the goose bumps movies. and the mask is very cool. I think the mask was the first one I ever saw.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:32 PM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    gobby, I think you need to have more communication from them. I agree with everyone, sounds vexing. when my daughter had a blood clot in her upper thigh, they sent her home and told her to give herself 3 shots a day. but some home health nurse came and showed how to do it. I ended up having them show me how and doing it myself. I am surprised they are just giving you the stuff in the mail. glad your niece is headed the right direction. hope everything goes well for both of you.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:15 PM
    joseph, that video for a crystal ball looks easy and very cool. what are earth magnets, where do you get them, and are they pricey? last year we hung stuff in our haunt with string and paper clips. another year we hung balls using chicken wire and string. punkineater, I love the cards. yikes punkin, that would be scary. dawnski, that is a cute table, and very interesting table tipping information.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:01 PM
    kelloween, she could be giggles. she is really a cute doll. lisa, nice reap. a great array of bottles, a very fun and cool looking voice changer, an awesome gargoyle, and some cool signs. lil ghoul, I think it is a good name for a cemetery too. plague, nice reap. that witches hand is very cool. and one can never seem to have enough creepy cloth. is that cat real? I thought it was a stuffed plush toy. it's very pretty.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:47 PM
    I was a child of the 70's, and I loved the good times. what a great show. there was jj, velma, james, and ma. for the life of me I can't think of her name. I can just hear jj and velma saying....maaaa. so what was her name? evelyn? wow, a lot of people have been reaped, and a lot to be reaped. yeah, more pictures
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:38 PM
    spooky, I think that bird has been busy collecting eyeballs. that looks great
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:31 PM
    hallorenescene posted a visitor message on RRguy's profile
    no, I haven't seen day of the dead. I'm going to have to look for it. so are you having your annual Halloween party this year? if so what is your costume going to be? are you going to keep it self reliant so you don't have a disappointment this year. last year was such a shame
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:26 PM
    oh, that is great you are done. I have my first project done. was planning on working on my second project yesterday, but got called into work early. hope to work on it tomorrow. have fun at the wedding.
  • Cloak_Dagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:15 PM
    Who did you write to? Do you have the address?
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  • Cloak_Dagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:53 PM
    Earnest Scared Stupid, Garfield's Halloween Special, and Young Frankenstein.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:37 PM
    What?! How dare you belong to this forum?:p;) Both shows are fantastic. Of course, I caught them as reruns. It is difficult to believe that they are each half a century old...
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