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  • grandma lise's Avatar
    Today, 09:26 AM
    I know. Submersible lighting makes so much more possible, with both the waterproof fairy lights and the tea lights. This will be an interesting direction to pursue next year. Even though I'm broke now, I think I'm still going to get the color changing tea lights this year. I'm waiting for our two Halloween stores to open. Hoping they'll have them. If not, I know where to find them online now! Lisa
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  • grandma lise's Avatar
    Today, 09:18 AM
    Oh wow, so many cute items in that catalog. Thanks Kitty for sharing both this older Frankenstein warmer and the link to the 2014 Fall/Winter catalog. That was fun! Putting blinders back on now... Lisa
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  • Paint It Black's Avatar
    Today, 08:42 AM
    I say....Paint It Black. ;)
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 07:50 AM
    nightlites, I love your saloon. is that an alien peeking in? lol. a little scy fy thrown in there. and your cemetery scene is phenomenal. I love that tree. is that tp wrapping that tree? it looks very cool all lit up. ich, cool picture. that's how it is with me too. I get so busy I forget pictures. we need to do better.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 07:35 AM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    lol, okay, you caught me. seemed like a good opportunity. man punkineater, you did go through a grueling experience. God must have been really with you. that was a true miracle. I'm so glad you've been able to march on. your rendezvous sounds fun. I love camping, but I like all the spoils of convenience. I would be the one to thoughly enjoy visiting, and I would admire all you guys do. it would be great fun, but I would leave all the re enactment up to you guys.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Today, 06:26 AM
    * Amazing portraits, The Red Hallows. * Magnificent wand, printersdevil.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:25 AM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    labruja, I love your name. how did you chose it. do you know what it means? I believe in things like that. it just is so sad that happened. sik, where do you live?
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 06:21 AM
    very nice wand printer. now will you cast me a wish.
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 05:25 AM
    Hilda commented on Hilda's photo in album My Random Creepy Crafts
    Thanks guys!! I don't know why it's such a honking big picture. Sorry! LOL (I guess I forgot to resize it prior to downloading.)
  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 12:53 AM
    saki, that is a cute little reaper in that box. so now the owl patrols have been dispersed. watch for white stuff from the air.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 AM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    oh look at you, very pretty. you don't need makeup. you guys are all so happy. well, you mentioned a rendezvous, but I didn't know what kind. in mason, they do a re enactment of the civil war. it's pretty cool. that is exciting you do that. so you sew as well. very cool. do you sell other stuff as well? in des moines they have a living history farm. they have different settlements. it starts out in the pioneers days, and each settlement is another decade. or something like that. ...
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Today, 12:30 AM
    red hallows, those are wonderful portraits. the size is amazing, and that they are done in charcoals is really unique. nice cards kitty
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  • grandma lise's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:54 PM
    Thanks Jezebel_Boo for doing that research. Looks like the LED Fairy Lights vary greatly in color and length, also in battery size and battery compartment size and design. I was surprised to see that some are even waterproof. While there, I did a search on tea lights and found a pack of four tea lights that change color. Going to back away from the computer and revisit the site tomorrow! :) Lisa
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  • grandma lise's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:57 PM
    Jezebel_Boo, do tell. I want to try them out too, and I want more colors. Would love to get a link. :) The one thing that worries me is that the lights do create a small amount of heat. I also am thinking I need to cover the battery compartment with electrical tape, at least cover the area where the ends of the batteries make contact. I'm going to seek advice from my husband in the morning. Lisa
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:28 PM
    calmel, I see you have a couple of adorable guys there. and what a sweet bonding moment.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:17 PM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    I was born in ga. moved to ia in the 3rd grade. graduated and moved to minn. I so loved it there. it was my second favorite place to live. yes, very cold. I weighed 98 pounds then. I made the mistake of walking past the mayo clinic, very windy. probably because of the high mayo buildings. so windy I was hanging onto light poles to literally keep from blowing away. when there was a break in the wind, I would trudge on to the next light pole and hang on. a couple of times I started...
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:07 PM
    * Cool dog, tinto212. That last picture is hilarious. * Your hamsters seem to be little charmers, Tsalagi_Writer:D They are very cute.
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  • grandma lise's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:03 PM
    Hey Madjoodie, visited more of my favorite stores today in search of Halloween... I think you're right. Online is probably the best source of tea lights that glow in orange, purple, green, or blue. Will begin to look around. I'd also like to find tea lights that change color because I have one more idea that I'd like to try... For now, Pier 1 has some orange "glimmer lights" I was curious about so picked up a set - (they sell for $19.99). Here's what I did with them... He-he-he...
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:00 PM
    Very cool. I would also love to go...
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:56 PM
    As is this creepy weirdo:D
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:51 PM
    There, I learned something new today... Thank you for the tidbits, LadyMage;) Your new sound machine is pretty neat. * Great gargoyle, ThePirateHouse. * Fantastic cards, ichasiris, and the phone case is also fitting.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:45 PM
    garth, that is a good price on that owl. it was very cute.
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:38 PM
    Garthgoyle replied to a thread Hello in Member Introduction
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  • Garthgoyle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:29 PM
    More items. PM if interested. Again, please do not ask if they can be broken up or shipped (due to size, I suppose that the harvest set could be if anyone wants it that badly). Thank you for understanding. * Harvest Set (Placemats, Pumpkins, LED Canvas Art) - $35. All are new. Placemats are thick felt. Pumpkins are 4" each. Art lights up. * Vintage-Style Goods (Skull Moon Wall Art, Owl Figure, Cat on Pumpkin, Scrolls, Plush Set, Centerpiece, Ceramic Tree Set, Fiber-Optic Witch, Clings, MS...
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:23 PM
    wow ich, cute, cute cards.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:19 PM
    saki, that is a cute box. love the little reaper guy.
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:17 PM
    hallorenescene replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    my hubby and I lived in Wyoming for 5 years. if I could live anywhere, it would be there. I loved it. very rarely did we see snow. and if we did see it, it most likely only lasted a day or two, even if it was 22 inches deep in one day. I think we saw 2 snowstorms the whole time we were there. our highest heat bill was 75 dollars one winter. usually we didn't have to use the furnace much. they don't even know what central air is. most don't have air conditioners. butt, it is very...
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  • hallorenescene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:47 PM
    lady, cool sound machine. always fun.
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  • Cloak_Dagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:21 PM
    Cloak_Dagger commented on Hilda's photo in album My Random Creepy Crafts
    Very creative and creepy! Nice craftsmanship.
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