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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 09:05 AM
    I made this last year. This definitely is a creepy candleholder. LOL It is my version of Dave Lowe's version of a Hand of Glory. If you are interested in the backstory of a Hand of Glory, or want to see Dave Lowe's creation... http://davelowe.blogspot.com/2012/03/hand-of-glory-prop.html Now usually a hand of glory has the fingers AS the burning candles, but that was way too challenging for me. So I created a candleholder based on a hand of glory. The wood candlestick and the...
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 08:54 AM
    I was at the mall school shopping with my boys last night, and took a peek in Bath & Body Works. (As you know, I’m usually a Yankee Candle gal), and there was one table set up with their new fall scents. I had to investigate. I’ve never tried B&BW candles, so I could not resist treating myself to this beautiful sampler box. I had a hard time deciding between the two choices. One was a box of all pumpkin scents which was my first instinct to buy… but I thought I’d try something different and...
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:37 AM
    Hilda replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    Nope. I still have not pulled the trigger on a purchase. Hmmmmmmm Which is kinda funny, cuz I usually cannot resist an impulse buy when swept up in the fun. Who is calling to me? So far the female vampire is on my mind. Ohhh and the werewolf wrap. BUT I'm always a witch. I am not sure that is witch attire.
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 07:36 AM
    Hilda replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    I saw that on their Facebook page and I was LAUGHING. Then I read the comments and some customers were upset with the rug. Then I was LAUGHING even harder! Whoever maintains their FB page had to keep explaining it is a Halloween prop and the picture was just for fun. :D
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:59 PM
    When I first read the thread title... I was sad. I thought it meant you were not doing a yard haunt at all. I misunderstood Road's End with End of the Road. haha This is fabulous news! That sounds like so much fun! Congratulations and best wishes on your new adventure!
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:30 PM
    I read Carrion Comfort aaaages ago & it was a fave then. Dan Simmons can be uneven. Some of his stuff is great (Carrion, Illium series), some (DROOD I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU!) not so great.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:17 PM
    RCIAG replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    I'm totally disgusted & yet still amused reading & hearing about the former Gov. of VA & his wife's corruption trial because the defense is that "she had a crush on him." *Which is an interesting stance to take. The former Gov is TOTALLY throwing his wife under the bus (& his whole family because they've put his kids on the stand too) & I think they think that if she goes down (literally & figuratively) then he may still have a chance at some other public office at some point. The...
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:05 PM
    Oh it goes back further than 1999 & The Haunting has nothing on the original movie The Haunting with Julie Christie. Check that one out if you haven't yet.
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:37 PM
    I hope that your able to fix him because he looks like an awesome prop!
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:11 PM
    RCIAG replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    I don't like the way the home page of HH looks. Those pumpkins at the bottom of the page that don't move are throwing me off.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:05 PM
    Ditto. Did you hear about this!?!? Mystery 'do-gooder' causes panic by leaving sinister dolls resembling REAL young girls outside homes in gated California community The poor woman meant well enough, but all she had to do was knock & let them know. They most likely would've trashed the things but still, it's just more proof that dolls really are creepy. And what's crazy is I don't find creepy dolls creepy or scary clowns scary, it's those "normal" looking ones that I worry about. ...
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:34 PM
    It looks as good as the original! You must be very proud.
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:31 PM
    Your Figi Mermaid rocks! way to go!!! : D
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:26 PM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on Paint It Black's profile
    Ohhhhh she is gorgeously decrepit! :D
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:02 PM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on Paint It Black's profile
    Thank you for the tips. It really looks GREAT! I'm being serious. I am so grateful you shared yours with me. I hope I do you proud.
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:55 PM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on Paint It Black's profile
    OH DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is gawgeous!!!!!!!! I've still been too intimidated to start! I better get cracking! I love her! Such a great job!!!!
  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:46 PM
    Here's the code that I got. Says it expires 8/9/14 XXW08119
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:52 PM
    I just noticed that they have a different small dog this year, not the little bulldog skelly.
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:43 PM
    Checking out the new stuff and I'm in love with the Animated Scarewolf Rug! That could be used in several ways :D
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:33 PM
    The problem I have with pinterest is that when I find neat stuff I might pin some of it but I end up bookmarking so much stuff that I can't find it later. (I know, kinda defeats the purpose of pinterest) :rolleyes:
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:22 PM
    Thanks, I was wondering about that. I guess the description does say that the house is porcelain and the rest are polyresin. I wasn't able to order, not fast enough I guess. :confused:
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:17 PM
    Just got the email for Halloween Haven............
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:12 PM
    Is the house ceramic?
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:39 PM
    I will never ever complain again about putting up the work tree, the large living room tree, the aluminum tree & a few 1' ones around the house.:D I love that we're getting into celebrating Day of the Dead. It seems like a very reverent holiday that just so happens to have cool skelly decorations.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:21 PM
    RCIAG replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    Well, I got the Witch Pumpkin for $59.20 with the coupon. It pretty much gave me 20 shipping (it took $11.80 off the price & shipping was $12) which is something I can't complain about. I'll post pics if & when I get her.
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  • Spookybella977's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:05 AM
    GOS I haven't forgotten the pics I will try to post them tonight! I'm glad several of you all have gotten the walking dead piece it's so amazing!! You all are tempting me on the condiment one!!! I did get the skeleton hand holder when they had it for sale and I love it! When they had the vampire one I didn't like it and now that it's gone I want it!!! Lol hoping they get it back in stock!!! Does anyone have it so you can tell me if it's worth the money just in case it comes back?...
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:57 AM
    Thank you for the heads up!
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:09 AM
    RCIAG replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    I think if done properly it could be pretty cool. I'd love to see it too. I wonder why they went with mostly living people? Easier music rights? Because you could do a Rock N Roll Heaven kinda thing if they'd gone with Jimi Hendrix look alike or any of the other rock icons that have died.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:05 AM
    My ideal day & night would involve Rick Baker setting up my Planet of the Apes set up that he made just for me, Greg Nicotero taking care of the Walking Dead portion of the yard while I chat up (& drool over) Norm Reedus (in full on Daryl gear) for spoilers for the new season, Bruce Campbell can schmooze the grown-ups, all the street lights on the street will magically go out & no wind or rain to ruin any of it. Almost forgot, someone else pays for it & cleans it all up too & we have more...
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:33 AM
    RCIAG replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2014 in General Halloween
    I think I'll get just the animated Witch Pumpkin at full price. It's kinda cool in the vid & could be used several different ways. The whole rock 'n roll/musical skelly thing they've latched on to just doesn't do it for me. I hope they sell them though, there's someone out there that wants a Skelly Freddie Mercury & Brian May or ZZ Top dude.
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