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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Today, 01:35 PM
    Looks fantastic!!
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Today, 12:28 PM
    Thanks PD, I don't know how I'm going to use it, I was thinking of using it on the head of a doll, I like that It comes with plug already
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Today, 12:03 PM
    Good stuff, thanks for posting
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Today, 11:20 AM
    Double post
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Today, 11:19 AM
    Just got back from the fleamarket, found a resin lifesize cat, got it for 2 bucks, I want to paint it black and put it on top of one of my tombstones but my wife doesn't want me to paint it, she says it'll lose some of the detail, I also found a section of a reindeer(I think) that has a motor, I bundled it with a Walt Disney scary tales vhs tape and snow white vhs tape(not pictured because not relevant) for 3 bucks, tested the motor and it works, I liked the contents of the vhs tape
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  • xxScorpion64xx's Avatar
    Today, 11:04 AM
    xxScorpion64xx replied to a thread Electronic/Software: Wiper Motor DOA? in Halloween Props
    Nothing helpful TerrorTom, it has label that says it's remanufactured.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Today, 10:38 AM
    RCIAG replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2015 in General Halloween
    My guess is no. I think I tried that sometime last year & it didn't fly.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Today, 07:43 AM
    He did a Celebrity Wife Swap a while ago & swapped wives with Ric Flair. I know that show is sooo set-up & scripted & they desperately try to create drama where it doesn't exist, but in the end they both came off as pretty good guys. Even their drama wasn't that drama-y. Flair was FLAIR all the time & Roddy was a homebody on his mountain with his wife & son. At the end of it you liked all of them.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Today, 07:21 AM
    If we had a bat in the house I'm afraid one of the Furry Ruiner Bros. would get it & it wouldn't survive. Especially not if Augie got him with his Wolverine claws. I hope we never get a bat in the house for that very reason. But we do have an awesome animal rehab place about 5 minutes away, Second Chance Wildlife, that we could take it to if the cats didn't ruin it. We've done that with baby bunnies & squirells & even a baby possum. The possum made & so did the squirrel, not too sure...
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Today, 06:40 AM
    RCIAG replied to a thread 2015 Big Lots in General Halloween
    I love the pupils & hair but I swear that it's the nails that make it for me. That's where Big Lots & Dollar Tree are your friend, they've got all kinds of fake nails you can just glue on &/or paint a different color.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Today, 06:30 AM
    RCIAG replied to a thread GrandinRoad 2015 in General Halloween
    Free shipping sitewide today at GR!! The question now is, is free shipping better than 20% or more off? Sometimes the shipping cancels out any discount you'd get, like if they were 25% off that would basically cancel out any shipping fees. You don't really save any money until you hit 30% off or more. I may have to hit the button on the mummy bust & the Mad Hatter!!
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    Lilith's Demon replied to a thread Yay or Nay in Games
    Um ok I deserve that one! Yes raking as in your lawn is covered in cotton candy? :D Rise but no shine! Sleeping in a cozy coffin (not casket) for 2?
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:17 PM
    Lilith's Demon replied to a thread Banned! in Games
    Banned for not realizing I'm not human and the coauthor of that book... Coming soon! To Serve Man Rare Humanity! Hey Goblin! Want get a signed copy? I'll deliver it personally! COD, of course.
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  • a_granger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:39 PM
    Great job Saki. Love the silhouettes.
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  • a_granger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:33 PM
    Dang you all have some of the best stores. I'm too much in a rural area.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:03 PM
    Maybe there could be some option to hide him, like some sites have pop up stuff that you can close with an X in the corner. Move him to the top of the forum? I dunno, for me it's the moving when you scroll that I don't like. Just keeping him in one spot would be an improvement IMHO. Any other ideas or options?
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:10 PM
    I think once you buy stuff from them you'll get every catalog they put out, from their beading to crafting to every holiday to school supplies. I know I get them all & I don't think I requested them. Well, maybe I requested the beading one but not the rest.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:09 PM
    Like the other zombies are UNrealistic?
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:05 PM
    RCIAG replied to a thread zulily.com in General Halloween
    At least they don't ask for any other info outside of your email to browse, but I think that's kinda lame too. You could always use a fake email, I know lots of people have more than one email for things like this, but then if you wanna buy you'll have to put in a real one. Even Woot! will let you browse without joining & you can use your Amazon account to log in there.
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:52 PM
    Hilda replied to a thread 2015 Big Lots in General Halloween
    WOW. I mean... WOW!!! That is fantastic!!!!!! I have a Hagatha too in my kitchen! (Different witch. Classic name.) :D
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:25 PM
    Hilda replied to a thread 2015 Big Lots in General Halloween
    Thank you so much Ghost of Spookie for taking the time to provide us with the photographs. I have a Hit List ready to go! :D
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:21 PM
    Ohhhhhh glass? Did you happen to notice... Are they paper labels or that baked on paint thing that is impossible to remove?
  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:19 PM
    Utoh. I had no plans for this, but she is calling to me!
  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:36 PM
    My favourite thing about all of those props is that they don't make noise, their eyes flash. While not a fave thing on props, I prefer flashing eyes to weird noises & a bad soundtrack with weird noises & moans.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:13 PM
    RCIAG replied to a thread Let's talk. in Off-Topic Stuff
    ONE?!?! That's crazy talk right there.
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  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:07 PM
    Got two paper catalogs today!! One Halloween & one party. They've got some props that other places have only cheaper & some other neat new stuff I haven't seen elsewhere but not sure on the price. They have some higher end stuff online too & ton of cool party stuff, some of it on sale too. Most of these are under $100 too if not way cheaper. Haven't seen this one anywhere else, Standing Blind Girl $69: This guy with a hilarious name, Standing Realistic Zombie (like zombie are...
    18 replies | 465 view(s)
  • RCIAG's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:49 PM
    RCIAG replied to a thread zulily.com in General Halloween
    Yeah I wasn't fond of that either but this stuff may only be available until Monday so if there is something that grabs your eye you may want to get it.
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  • Spookybella977's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:43 PM
    O M G ...... That's AWESOME!
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  • Hilda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:13 PM
    Hilda posted a visitor message on punkineater's profile
    "If the Lighthearted Witch is done with you...." I am ROLLING laughing! Thank you. That made my day. ;) I appreciate your taking the time to offer some advice. And the hug. Thanks. :D
  • Spookybella977's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:59 AM
    RCIAG love the banner and two skull pumpkin!!!
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