Raven's Hollow Cemetery's Album: Raven's Hollow Cemetery v. 2.0 (2012 ed.)
Hello there, is this your first visit?

Raven's Hollow Cemetery v. 2.0 (2012 ed.)

The cemetery for 2012, the lonely night after. :D

Unfortunately, I'm out of fog juice, and didn't have time to snap pics as I was working on everything until the first ToT hit the driveway. :(
  1. A spirit orb next to my column perhaps?  (Lower left in pic)
  2. The entrance
  3. DSC02178
  4. DSC02207
  5. DSC02182
  6. DSC02160
  7. DSC02192
  8. DSC02184
  9. DSC02219
  10. DSC02189
  11. The Cauldron Creep
  12. Detail shot of the broken top of the column
  13. Daytime shot of the walkway entrance w/ the broken column
  14. The tale of the skellie and the hellhole.  Pt.1 Ch. 1
  15. Lower capstone detail to show weathering (unfinished).  Loved the idea that water dripping over the millenium had worn it's way into the stone...
  16. Uruk-haii inspired Celtic Cross
  17. Cool angle of the arch, with artificial leaves
  18. Base of the driveway entrance columns
  19. The Obelisk.  Subject of my study on faux mossing techniqes found in my signature. 
You can barely make out the port of the subwoofer enclosed...
  20. St. Francis monument
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