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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Today, 10:16 AM
    matrixmom replied to a thread Lighting: At A Loss With Lights in Halloween Props
    If you buy curly CFL's make sure they re from home depot or Lowes (FEIT brand)- Walmarts' are terrible. This year after halloween on NOV 1 go to Spirit and get their outdoor spotlights, black tube lights everything for 50% off - thats what I go in there for.
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Today, 10:07 AM
    I like how you didnt crowd everything and everything has its own special lighting.
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  • Bethany's Avatar
    Today, 09:07 AM
    LOL Too funny, I am Bethany & don't do gangi. :p Now a margarita................ :D
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  • Bethany's Avatar
    Today, 08:54 AM
    Wonderful!! I too hope the artist has the original framed and gifts it to you to hang in your gorgeous home!!
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  • Saki.Girl's Avatar
    Today, 08:48 AM
    joans is having 70 percent off there fall stuff i picked up these pumpkin wax melt burners for 6.39
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  • MummyOf5's Avatar
    Today, 08:09 AM
    That is so cool! :D
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  • Saki.Girl's Avatar
    Today, 03:37 AM
    Let's hope the next one gose way smoother . Thanks for all your hard work on the last two :)
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  • Saki.Girl's Avatar
    Today, 03:34 AM
    Well all that redo I did some of it's coming down today we have a high wind warning thus afternoon up to 50mph
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  • Bethany's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:00 PM
    Bethany replied to a thread Your cemetery. in General Halloween
    Man am I a slacker ;) My cemetary. It is actually improved from Ohio. :D I do need some lighting in mine. Just don't want cords running across the sidewalk that runs along the bushes to the door. :(
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  • Bethany's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:41 PM
    Well all I know is I've found myself talking with some of her freaking accent! :confused: I was born & raised in Toledo, Ohio & now I live in FL so there is no reason for it. :rolleyes:
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  • Bethany's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:36 PM
    You stuff is Fabulous!! I'm totally jealous! If I tried those they'd look like poo. :( Next time maybe you can use the sprinkles instead of nerds. ;) Michael's may carry the nonperils (sp?), on color in each pkg. They have some cool Halloween Sprinkles out, green, purple & black together or orange, black & green. :)
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:43 PM
    printersdevil replied to a thread Static: witch sound effects in Halloween Props
    Eerie Erie Haunts, can that link that you added above be downloaded to our computers? I see it has a download button, but when I press it, it just plays the music or voices and doesn't download. I am so not in the know about music and sound effects. Would love to use with my witches haunt next week.
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:44 PM
    Well even with more time issues would come up in all likely hood. I am just amazed at how smooth these usually go though. I know it is hectic for you, bethene, but we so appreciate all the hard work you do for us!!! :D
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:40 PM
    SpookyBlackKat, I love to hear about offices allowing costumes on Halloween. I was working in an office setting last year and each team dressed as a group and decorated. I was mad that they voted on the day I was off (and three others on the team). The ones there voted for us to be the Duck Dynasty family. The four of us could have made a major difference in this lame theme. But, it was fun. The rest of the building went all out. One team did Wizard of Oz and had all the major actors and even...
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:27 PM
    I would love to here a HF review of the story telling witch. I just ordered it and the animated spell book.
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  • kmeyer1313's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:43 PM
    you're welcome - I posted the link to another blog that has Halloween music & comps on the comps thread as well....
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  • kmeyer1313's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:40 PM
    Yes! thank you so much - your comps are great! I'll have something to enjoy after work tomorrow!
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  • kmeyer1313's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:12 PM
    Yeah, it's been kind of a letdown this year - even TCM's pickings weren't that great, & usually they have some good classic movies that I've been meaning to catch. I agree with you about AMC's lineup - didn't program a darn thing for that channel cause I've seen it or own it all already. I've been sticking to my DVDs, Youtube, Hulu & the like for my television Halloween needs.... But I did finally get the Witch's Night Out DVD, so there's that.....:D
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:10 PM
    Good to hear. Is everyone taken care of already. I know I offered to help earlier but can still get something out in a hurry if you need me. It would be horrible for someone to not have a package by next weekend. Texaslucky is watching for a delivery truck anxiously, just like several others. Maybe this ship deadline should be earlier next year. This close to the Day it is sad for some to not have their packages.
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:03 PM
    Here's where I placed the first one: (sorry if theres corny music)
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:59 PM
    Bethany, love the cakes! You are so talented! OMG, troll boogers---what a hoot. I will probably choke to death the next time I eat caramel popcorn. Wow, I love that creepy clown (actually it gives me the creeps---which is good around here) and nice ornaments. Awesome cauldrons and ghosts! Saki, that is a cool idea.
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:56 PM
    There are several threads on here of people doing this theme this year. Just look for the ones that have asylum in the title. I read these posts awesome and they have some amazing ideas, pictures and all kinds of things for you to use as inspiration. They are all a little different, so you can pick and choose from what you like. Have fun and be sure to show us some photos of what you do.
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  • Saki.Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:47 PM
    yaaaaaa more pics to come
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:20 PM
    matrixmom replied to a thread Prop Showcase: Tortuga Tavern 2014 in Halloween Props
    Thanks everyone - it was so much fun. Some words about the party: I had one my sons friend tell me " this looks like a disney ride !" I was gushing. Best complement of the evening. Dont try to play walk the plank trivia with over 50 people and near a pool. I tried making teams to limit the amount of plank walking and just standing around, but I lost my voice reading the trivia questions my bff had to step in and read them!- I got some of the questions from the app riddle me...
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  • printersdevil's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:16 PM
    That red witch was only $9.99? Wow, I believe she is from Spirit. It looks shorter than mine, who stands right at 6 ft tall. I love your witches displays! Great job!
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:00 PM
    All the things we give up for halloween!!
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:57 PM
    Osenator - this is my fave of yours of all the years combined. The lighting is perfect, lit in place not in others. I like how you placed the spectre in the tree, and combined the pumpkins and hay perfectly!
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:54 PM
    The cannons just lit up and I had Creepy Creations funny sound effects from his cannon video he sent me. Everyone thought it was so funny. Yes the party went on till about 1am. My oldest sons friends kept dropping in and eating all the food and thanked us for all the chow and decor. The sail is down now, will resurrect tomorrow....really windy today. After the party, dont have enough dubloons for a new roof if the sail lands on it....
  • Saki.Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:16 PM
    That is a great attitude and look forward to seeing next year's epic party for sure :)
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  • matrixmom's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:04 PM
    Why yes they arrrghhh my boys....thanks!! The one on the right was the DJ this year at the party. He did a great job mixing ...
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