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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Today, 07:21 PM
    One Oct. my Wife had enough time as a group of smaller kids came down the slide into the wine cellar to scare (or creep-out) the adults who came down next. She had the kids singing "Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star", which was THE LAST thing most Adults expected to be hearing as the darkness swallowed their bodies on their fast trip into the subterranean depths. The round-topped stone-arch room has a nice acoustic for those young voices too!
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Today, 07:14 PM
    They referred the attraction as being a "Code 5055?" Which is the actual Police code meaning the officer is arresting and putting into custody a person he judges to be insane, and locking them up. I think if they re did their names and took out the actual code references that it could re-open as a slightly different "critter".. but then, Im just guessing as to what it actually looked like and how the whole thing was presented.
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Today, 04:24 PM
    The Farmers are working as quickly as possible to get their crops in before the flooding and big rains hit,which fits right in with what I tell people at the exit of my Haunt:"Watch out for DEER! The Farmers are stealing their Corn again, and the Deer are going CRAZY!" Carroll County , Illinois has the 2nd to 3rd most Deer in this state. Keeps the car insurance adjusters busy too!
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    Today, 11:36 AM
    halloween71 replied to a thread Prop Showcase: FCG Up and Floating in Halloween Props
    I love the fcg ghost yours is awesome!!!
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    Today, 11:33 AM
    That looks great!!!
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    Today, 11:31 AM
    she always taunts us with the sunshine then October bam..wind and rain.
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    Today, 11:30 AM
    That is silly.people need to get a personality.If somebody is really peeking thru your window maybe ya need blinds.
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    Today, 08:09 AM
    MOD NOTE: absolutely no political discussion here please. If you would like a bumper sticker please PM the OP. Any other discussion other than "I'd like one" or "We only have 2 left" will be removed from this thread.
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:43 PM
    One time the Haunt ticket price was supposed to equal a movie ticket price (I was told) of course big City versus small, dinky village movie prices were not the same then. My wife (who does all the bookkeeping , ticket work ) thinks the population of young people wanting to attend haunts has diminished (for several reasons) but the main reason has been the economy as felt by the younger citizens who still need that certain amount of money to pay bills, own a car, clothe themselves....yet...
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:46 PM
    MrNightmare replied to a thread it's here! in General Halloween
    I have to agree that the season is ramping up this last week of Sept! My Wife and I just celebrated our anniversary this past weekend and took a trip to one of our favorite Haunts for their opening night. We started decorating the inside of the house and plan to start the outside late next week. And to add this this, we have been dealing with annoying heat and humidity most of this month here in North TX. However, this past week the weather has been wonderful with highs in the 80s and crisp...
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:38 PM
    WOW - love all of the variety you have! Such a nice collection. :cool: I just started noticing blowmolds in the last few years, mostly thanks to the amazing Hilda's display (check her stuff out on here - FABULOUS display). I have a few now, and I do keep an eye out whenever there is a garage sale or I'm on craigslist. But space is the main issue for me becoming a large collector. I promised early on that my husband would always be able to park in our garage, and no storage will be added...
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  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:20 AM
    DaveintheGrave replied to a thread Prop Showcase: FCG Up and Floating in Halloween Props
    Looks great! A FCG was my first animated prop I built.
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  • DaveintheGrave's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:13 AM
    "Wanda Turnover" ----Like "I wanna turn over (in my grave). "Goodbye, Cruller World." "Here Lies Johnny Cake--Formerly a Bundt, Now a Layer." Rest in Peace, Larry Cake. He Fell." Ok, these are getting bad......:)
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:51 AM
    Every single one has a name. My giant spiders are named Webigail and Webster. Giant skull guy we hang on the roof peak is Bruce (Campbell), my girl mannequin is Persephone, the guy is Zarko, then there's Skeletina the skeleton and Annabel Lee our Flying Crank Ghost. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots, but yeah... lots of naming going on here. :)
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:30 AM
    You're not too old. Anyone that asks gets candy at my house. I even ask the parents that hang back if they want candy. :)
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:21 AM
    I had a call this morning, a young woman asking if we had strobe lights here? No we don't. She is epileptic and of course can not handle strobes. She said every haunt she called uses strobes. Gee? This must mean that I don't have a "Real" Haunt? (But when the door knob turns and no one is there, a woman screams in the next room at 2AM and no one is there, and electrical devices turn on and off by themselves, and people see a Lady in a long white dress appear and disappear and Orbs get...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:05 AM
    A young couple came here (newbies) Not long after they entered the first room she said that I had made her cheeks hurt (from laughing) I asked her to clarify which cheeks? Which then made her cheeks hurt more! (Odd how pleasure /pain are sometimes traveling companions?)
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 05:29 PM
    victor-eyd replied to a thread Electronic/Software: Help with Vixen and 8 channel Relay board in Halloween Props
    Fixed. I think
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 01:14 PM
    victor-eyd replied to a thread Electronic/Software: Help with Vixen and 8 channel Relay board in Halloween Props
    Thanks to all who helped me get this project off the ground. Here's my first setup for 8 channel using my available xmas trees and the Stanger Thnigs theme music. I'll probably replaced them with pumpkins and more Halloween-related light displays but for now, i'm happy with the outcome. The clicking your hear is the board but with the garage closed you can't hear it at all Victor
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 08:36 AM
    victor-eyd replied to a thread Static: projecting onto the ground? in Halloween Props
    The easiest by far is to simply mount the projector from the 2nd floor window and point towards the street. Take into account that depending on the type of projector you have, either the resulting image will be smaller than what you'd like or too dim because the lumen output of the projector is too weak. If you already have your projector, simply test by firing it against the garage wall at the same distance it would be suspended from above. That will be the size and brightness of your...
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    09-26-2016, 05:18 AM
    Decorating the inside of the house this week and should be done by Friday. Out Haunt is ready to go, but it depends on the weather. Last year, we had to close the walk through because of rain the entire week before Halloween. This year, I have a few different things planned if the weather holds. Feeling the pressure, but should be okay.
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 08:35 PM
    Secret Menus on a $69 projector. I love it! Thanks for sharing and hope you rediscover the secret combo Victor
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 04:09 PM
    Thank you again for following up with me on the snake skeletons. That was super nice.
  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 10:21 AM
    Well, I couldn't help it- the ebay guy lowered his price to me to $30 so I pulled the trigger. Should get it by end of the week. I'm pretty confident the picture quality will be closer to my Optoma so I'm very happy. Hope it comes in 1 piece Victor
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 07:33 AM
    when you say amber is it a orange light or a yellow light led? I ordered some daylight white leds from ebay...I am wanting to not use colored bulbs this yr..I want a see everything factor that's not to I don't want a bright wondering as to what u use.
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 12:43 AM
    Mr. Mortician also told me that the funeral home he works in is a huge building that has a Cupola" on the roof.(But it's not an old building) People will say that they sometimes see a little girl with "Red" hair up there, al though many have also seen two women up there sometimes.
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 12:38 AM
    Tonight a Mortician happened to come through my haunted house. I felt that I just had to ask him."Ever have any supernatural things happen to you?" He then told me about when an elderly woman died (Who was supposed to be somewhat of a psychic persona) Her Daughter told the Mortician that a small ring on her Mother's little finger was to NOT be removed for any reason! Another worker there did remove the ring to clean the body more efficiently, and thought nothing of doing this because the...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    09-25-2016, 12:29 AM
    The "Haunted Rock" theory of why this part of town has so many odd things, and supernatural things happen here seems to be alive and well. Yet another incident in our tiny "Down Town", recently told to me involved a ghost sighting in the aisle of a store building here. The figure , a "Man", simply vanished as an employee was looking at him. A drawer of merchandise opened as items flew , the items out of it and all over the floor! Things fall from the shelves, that should not have been...
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    09-24-2016, 08:11 PM
    The remote might contain the button to change the playing modes of the videos- meaning it be altered from play once to loop play and from stop play once video ends to auto play next video in the folder. I did not research that far into the pj's capabilities but its possible.
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