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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:30 PM
    It was a very dark night after a very confusing attempt at nocturnal warfare. Someone struggled to walk. Another drug himself along staying in the wild shadows or foliage also victim to gunfire and other abuses. A few glimmering hot "coals" barely made enough light or heat to be worth worrying about, yet live people were there, grouped around this tiny glimmer or dancing shadow-eaters. "They think they are putting on quite a "Show", don't they?' "You mean those bits of glowing orange...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:51 PM
    There are much safer ways to jump-scare 1) be around a corner and always be on their right side, since most are right-handed and swing with the right hand. 2) buy a large piece of Lexon unbreakable plexiglass and then just appear to be "right there" as you seem to menace ...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:14 PM
    With the soft reddish earth now filling his eyes, nose and ears, his new mission was to grapple with the beast! "What have I gotten a hold of? Is it a part of this Monster?" The texture and shape reminded him for a second or two of an over-stuffed sausage like his Uncle accidentally made one time when he was a 12 yr. old boy. He now twisted this item and that made the Beast Howl! ( "I Do have a hold of a piece of this Monster!") He thought as he began squeezing and twisting it as...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:15 PM
    You know a spider is big when it's eyes reflect your flashlight beam back at you from across the room! A man who moved here (to Ill.) sold his nice house in Arkansas when his headlights hit the big spider's eyes as the automatic garage door opener worked. That reflection spanned quite a distance, I guess? Here it's just maybe ten feet? (Smaller Spiders)
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:45 PM
    I always saw Halloween celebrated very well here in little Mount Carroll, Ill. (Mutt Carnal!)? When i was a kid almost 60 years ago, it seemed as if the entire town was into Halloween decor and fun. There were still some outhouses to be toppled in town. My Dad (an adult) was listening to man brag how nobody could tip over his outhouse because he would be right there watching it all night! So my Dad and the third man in the social setting went down to look at something in the basement, ,...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:39 AM
    A small town haunt in the old school, still owned by the school dist. operated as a charity haunt. A woman recognized her old friend walking toward her. She jumped out, scared him. He punched her very quick and hard, she hit the floor. He apologized many times. He has post traumatic stress , he was in Iraq
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 10:41 PM
    The Confederate campfires were wavering now as the late hours approached. As men sat there staring into the flickering flames, some thought of a home fire in their own fireplaces and the true feeling of physical and emotional warmth so commonly found there, aided and at one time represented as a flame with it's brightness and calming warm, saying"Everything will all work out, tomorrow will come, things are changing for the better...." But was it? It sure didn't seem much like it to most of...
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 10:18 PM
  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 03:46 PM
    There is also a sign out on the highway courtesy of the State of Illinois (costs us $ every year.) BUT my most effective sign is my Spookmobile car. It is usually parked two blocks away on rt78 It has several unique features, guaranteed to attract attention. There is a suitcase on the luggage rack, it;s wide open, clothes are blowing out as a skeleton is popping up out of the suitcase, his arm is high in the air, he's holding an old license plate of mine (vanity plate) it says Ravens...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 02:24 PM
    I wrote down maybe 80 different names for my Haunt. Then I crossed off any that might be a bit too difficult to spell for a number of people, , crossed off any definitely foreign sounding or looking words. It came down to either "Halloween Inn" or "Ravens Grin Inn". I ditched "Halloween Inn" because that might make it sound as if I was only open one night or one month, and I knew I would be open year-round. I guess for a year or more there is now a Haunt in southern Illinois called "Ravens...
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  • ROCKNRUDE's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 12:28 PM
    ROCKNRUDE replied to a thread Electronic/Software: Need Advice for Neck Movement in Halloween Props
    LPF, you wouldn't happen to have a close of the servo would you?
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 11:06 AM
    halloween71 replied to a thread Halloween Memes in Haunted Humor
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 10:29 AM
    I think this is how you should be using scene setters - great looking haunt there! :D I'm sure your new haunt looks great, but you had a good eye even using the mass-produced stuff. :cool:
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 10:27 AM
    .. and guess what else you can buy from them? ME! Jim Warfield! They had the book for sale in their Chicagoland store "Odd-Ball Illinois" and I am in that book! Quite a surprise for my Wife and myself when we had been in their store for maybe 20 minutes .. and there I was! A haunter could probably spend several hours in that store looking at all the strange stuff for very cheap prices.
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 08:23 AM
    victor-eyd replied to a thread Atmosphere Effects: Atmosfear FX alternatives?? in Halloween Props
    Try here http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/94974-halloween-projections.html
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 07:38 AM
    victor-eyd replied to a thread Other: Projector Question. . . in Halloween Props
    Kindo, Can you confirm native resolution as being 1280 x 800 through your pc or mac? thanks
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  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 05:14 AM
    Thanks for the reply! I am looking to make a scarecrow this year using a mask and frame, but I have had prop makers block trying to figure out the costume. Yours has given me inspiration. I plan on using a black trench coat, distress it, and use your idea of coating with rubber spray to make it rigid and water resistant. Thanks again!
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 03:19 AM
    "Any "News" yet?" "No, sir, none of them have returned from the "Blue-Belly's" camp." "When were they due to be back?" "About an hour ago, Sir.' The soldier's superior nervously ran his own hand over his beard several times. "Wut we gunna do, Sir?" "All we can do is .. wait." "We might be making a "plan" as we "Wait", Sir?" "What would your plan happen to be , soldier?" "Well, some of us could put on Yankee uniforms,the rest of us pretend to be prisoners as they lead us into...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-22-2016, 01:30 AM
    Eighteen? Seventeen? Years ago a couple of TV shows came to Ravens Grin. They were "Wild Chicago" and "Extreme Homes". Everyone involved with those two shows were great, and nice people.....then things began to go downhill after that. False promises, breach of contract, lies,became the standard issue for most of the shows and the people that made up their"teams". Am I going to spend money to hire a Lawyer in England to pursue what they promised in Their contract we mutually signed? No. The...
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 07:31 PM
    Frankie's Girl replied to a thread Mechanical: Haunted rocking chair? in Halloween Props
    I used a wiper motor for mine. Attached it to a piece of wood, ran a piece of thick wire over to the runner of the chair and looped it over a screw and hid the motor behind a bookshelf and it looked great. Lots and lots of good threads and links for this: http://littlekeylime.com/hill_house_haunt/hauntedrockingchair.htm http://www.scary-terry.com/rockchair/rockchair.htm http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/82931-rocking-chair-finished.html
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 04:47 PM
    SCORED bigtime today. Found this on craigslist and pretty much ran to get it ASAP. We're calling her Persephone, and she is an old school one with real glass eyes (they're green) and eyelashes - got her for $50. She even has some age cracks across her chest and a some bumps and scratches that add to the creep factor. I big pink puffy heart love her. So very, very, very happy!! :D Not sure exactly how I'll use her for our carnival. I pulled out a few prop/masks just to play...
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  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 04:38 PM
  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
  • MrNightmare's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 12:54 PM
    The scarecrow looks great! What fabric did you use?
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 10:56 AM
    Last winter some pro-haunters traveled from the west coast to the state of Wisconsin. They told me they had seen something like? 75 Haunts? The Wisconsin man drove West to pick up his haunter friend who just flew in from the Far East where he has been building a Haunt. By the time they got to The Ravens Grin I am sure somebody in the group thought they had "Seen -it-All" but they found out they had NOT! When I told them how often someone's GPS looking for this house can often take...
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 10:31 AM
    victor-eyd replied to a thread Other: atmosfearfx new 3d form?? in Halloween Props
    I tried using the phantasms download onto a cardboard cutout that I was going to backlight with red string lights but i could never quite get all of the image within the cutout. If atmosfearfx would provide some sort of silhoutte image in jpg form that we could project then trace out so the majority of the image would be in that area, that might help. Simply pausing the image at any point and then making your cutout from that never quite gets the rest as the image does move enough ut for now...
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  • halloween71's Avatar
    08-21-2016, 07:09 AM
    From the looks of gemmy website they only done one lifesize animated prop this year and its a witch.looks like tekky has moved to the front with lifesize props.
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