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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:37 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: Bit to carve tombstones with in Halloween Props
    It turned out fantastic and this is one that I would think would become a classic idea for any graveyard. So creative!
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  • victor-eyd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:24 PM
    If you don't have a local fry's in the are, I guess amazon or ebay's your best bet. Btw, this is probably what you need: http://www.amazon.com/YCS-Basics-color-female-adapter/dp/B00GXJG3EY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425165745&sr=8-1&keywords=1+8+female+to+rca Victor
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  • Cloak_Dagger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:03 PM
    Willing to pay a decent amount. Let me know if you find one.
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:24 AM
    How exciting! I hope everything goes well and can't wait to see pictures! :D
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:10 AM
    When is your apt. Tuesday? I imagine it will only be a meet and greet. Then after he/she listens and talks you will probably be sent for tests. Let me know what they say. <3
  • mickkell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:42 AM
    Nice work.You might try GW for a Trike.
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:27 AM
    Lilith's Demon replied to a thread Caption the Pic in Games
    These Mormons really don't take no for an answer.
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:20 AM
    Lilith's Demon replied to a thread Who will post next?? in Games
    Here I am standing pretty on this pile which used to be bodies Julianne next?
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 09:09 PM
    I thought about you all night last night! The whole thing just made my stomach upset. Which Mercy hospital, the one in Iowa City or Mason City? I think it does sound sort of suspicious. I wish I could help. Do You have any leads?
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 08:59 PM
    How are you feeling? Have the antibiotics taken hold yet?
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 10:40 AM
    Thanks! :) I think I got the probably bought the glass at the dollar store too. Lol.
  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 06:56 AM
    I have often wondered if our mental capacities come from ancestor's DNA "born" out of "Need" or are they something that is just "There" but we only get to realize they exist in times of either total stress or total dream-state? Or are we actually "The Dream?" It's odd how much of society has little use for "Dreamers" until they either prove themselves or take over power from those who can not ever "dream". Many times my best,most creative ideas would seem to whisper themselves into my ear...
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  • Terra's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 06:32 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: The gate Keeper in Halloween Props
    The lifelike pose takes it to the next level. Awesome prop.
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    02-27-2015, 12:13 AM
    Superposition, collapse of the wave function, entanglement, etc...
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 11:30 PM
    The thing is is that just what reality actually is is just like the subject of dark matter. We can provide circumstantial, theoretical, and suppositional evidence to it even existing as well as just what it is exactly. I once posted on a thread some time ago talking about reality having layers and levels and went so far as to cite the video games and movies, Silent Hill, as proof that others believe the same. "Are you sure you're in the right one? There are many Silent Hills." That's not...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 11:19 PM
    Our scientific ability to "SEE" smaller and tiny enables us to know more than ever before ,and figure more stuff out. So, who knows what new information maybe way down there awaiting us?
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  • Lilith's Demon's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 11:10 PM
    Lilith's Demon replied to a thread Who will post next?? in Games
    He did and it was my last shovel too. Now my neighbors are really worried watching me try to clear the snow with a scythe in each hand. Gobby next?
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 10:33 PM
    "Were those sounds truck motors? Yes,there goes another one.. around here? what's going on?" Then a tremendous clap of thunder "spoke" Loudly,and he actually felt the bed's springs recoil from those sound waves! "THAT was a BIG ONE! Close too! (Well, when you live on a hill...) From the second window he looked from he saw a big tree limb down along the drive way entrance and exit for the Graveyard.. " More "Free" firewood for my neighbors." His simple neighbors who were very rural in...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 09:16 PM
    Inspire your post about the moon? Or maybe you see a different sky from where you are? Aurora Borealis -Northern Lights AND a Chinese rocket blazing across the sky? (I refrain from mentioning the fleet of UFO'S circling,looking for a parking space.)
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 08:27 PM
    Ha! I guess you can tell who doesn't watch that show! Lololol Thanks for the info. I also love the Billy/Dead Silence mask too. I was really excited to see so many cool masks on your FB page. I rarely see so many I like and there were a bunch.
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 08:42 AM
    Are you sick?????
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 08:42 AM
    Hey Frank, I was popping over to say hi and got distracted by Bethie message. I am so shocked and upset for you! I totally agree with Bethie, what terrible awful people! I just don't understand why they would be doing this. Especially to someone like you! You are such a kind sweet person, and such a hard worker! They are a bunch of douche bags! I don't like them!!!! I can only imagine how upset you must be. I know if I were in your shoes I would be beside myself.
  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 06:44 AM
    Leonard Pickle recently posted a scary clown picture from Haunted Attraction Magazine. This evil clown is "Over-weight" dressed in a white outfit with old faded blood stains all over it,making" older over-weight "a scary thing! (I have the "Older"-thing happening...) Maybe overall inspired by Gacy?
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 06:38 AM
    A newspaper decides to limit the number of words a story is "worth" (For whose reasoning?) And then they go with it? Limiting the ideas, the scope of importance that event might have? A long time ago when one paper would give a story of 1,000 words and another only 700,and it was an event that very well could have stirred people because it was an actual "invasion" and real people were getting killed by superior forces of this aggression against a country with very little of anything to be in...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-26-2015, 12:19 AM
    He staggered into his front room and collapsed on his couch and was asleep before his head bounced on the cushion. He was now... no where.. and that felt.. OK...it was a beautiful spring day, the air was so fresh,a touch of moisture floated upon butterfly's wings,bright green shades in the forest alternated with themselves becoming dark green as the slight breeze waved them at anyone who happened to be passing.. A furry rodent waddled past up ahead of the end of the trail he was on, it had...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 09:45 PM
    Warmen never gave half a thought to his descending into the wine cellar. His emotions were dictating everything he would be doing for awhile. He "clomped" down the old stone steps which would have frightened away any small rodents which was why he began"clomping' he didn't wish to step on any of them ever again! He was so distraught that he did a fearful "flinch" when the motion-detector light switch turn on the lights for him,even though he had installed it, he still felt compelled...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 08:15 PM
    For $100 i got 5 pick-up truck loads of 160 yr old bricks. I laid them up in to a tunnel with arched ceiling, it also curves swoops and it's actual brick. the first time the public got to see it one young man told my Wife:"That looks like "crap!" Well there are something like 14 different sizes of brick used,and it's supposed to look like that,it's "HAUNTED HOUSE!" It only took me over three years to get it done! (I had other things i was doing too) Good luck finding what you are...
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  • Gym Whourlfeld's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 07:59 PM
    So.. the "Tourist" in the pictures is.. ? 3 feet tall? and the ghost is 7--8ft. tall? So many sightings they never get to see the majority of the ghostly body. there maybe no lower legs or a missing upper body ,and bright ,bold colored clothing? If the picture is of a real ghost,I would like to know more about the entire event. what kind of camera? What time of the day or night was it? what was the date? Is there any historical significance to the date the ghost was seen? If ghosts looked...
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  • Terra's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 06:48 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: Bit to carve tombstones with in Halloween Props
    The depth of the stone is coming alive now :) As for misspelling - DO NOT feel bad. Happens all the time (did it twice too). I'd suggest that's just where you do a little 'aging' ;)
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  • Johnny Thunder's Avatar
    02-25-2015, 03:53 PM
    Johnny Thunder replied to a thread Bands A - Z in Games
    W - White Zombie
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