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My Graveyard 2008

  1. Entrance to backyard, from north front yard.
  2. The back yard from the deck
  3. The south front yard. The three small tombstones in front are actually old, concrete water meter covers my brother got from a land fill back home in...
  4. skulls hanging from the tree in back.
  5. The back yard, from the front yard.
  6. North front yard from the street.
  7. The north front yard from the driveway
  8. Jack-o next to a cross I made from a couple old shingles from the old house in San Jose.
  9. Front window with a black lit ghost.
  10. Big coffin
  11. The big tree in back has a face when lit from bellow.
  12. dummy inside big coffin.
  13. front window with a ghost I bought from spirit.
  14. ghost/reaper I made from a skull i got a michaels, wire, and some sheets and cheese cloth I got from a thrift store and dyed black and gray.
  15. dummy in small coffin.
  16. another corpse from customcreatures.com
  17. corps I got from customcreatures.com
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