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Hello there, is this your first visit?

Halloween 2009

this was our first yard haunt. Not very big, or grand, because we were in a rental unit and weren't allowed to do much of anything :( But we have now moved, and look forward to doing more haunts in our new home!
  1. pumpkins
  2. not sure what's scarier...the dead reanimating, or the SNOW on halloween!
  3. invoking the pumpkin gods
  4. my dia de los muertos pumpkin I carved
  5. the "in the night garden" pumpkin I freehanded for my boys :D
  6. our full yard view (told you it was tiny!)
  7. our pathetic attempt at corpsing haha
  8. reaper blowing in the wind
  9. my bucky...I love him :D
  10. grave
  11. me and the boys!
  12. you can tell he is like his parents! not afraid of this stuff, he's out playing in the graveyard!
  13. hubby and our reaper. Ross is 6'5", so you can imagine how tall this guy was!
  14. treat table with chips and more chocolate hidden underneath
  15. one of my little dalmations :) Dean was only five months old!
  16. he's a little cold :P
  17. our reaper
  18. the neighbors loved this guy for pictures :)
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