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Wrongling Bros-Worst Show on Earth

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  3. DSC 0614
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  5. DSC 0515
  6. eyeballs for fortune teller table and centerpiece - @ $5
  7. After the makeover..any thoughts and comments welcomed as usual!
  8. MC H found these while thrifting at goodwill for me. Using the lion to make a mask for a skelly. She's so clever!!
  9. found another horse with MC hAunt dreams today!!
  10. the top half comes off...and voila base for fortune teller globe
  11. Chaz and Rotto W
  12. magic sculpt mask-Rotto Wrongling
  13. after: still needs painting. That will be the key in making it look vintage
  14. repurposed trunk
  15. hubby is going to kill me -this thing in garage all summer!
  16. marquee
  17. with some lighting
  18. ugh have to fix "R",needs bars
  19. Circus trunk made of cardboard
  20. making a "vintage" trunk- these are the colors I used, plus black dry brushing on the edges
  21. Final product - lighter one was bright orange, then beige, some dark brown to make it look dirty
  22. Goodwill haul -costumes
  23. goodwill /garage sale haul for costumes
  24. IMG 0597
  25. IMG 0595
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