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    Today, 08:36 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Candee's profile
    Hang in there. All will be well. Don't forget you're supposed to be enjoying this stuff. :) I think I should be done carving the second tombstone tonight, which should make my wife happy, and then I can get back to the stuff I was working on.
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    Today, 08:09 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Candee's profile
    Yeah, I think you do a lot better business than us. I'm upset because the one family across the street that seemed to have a half-dozen little kids looks to have moved in a hurry. I'm assuming the husband was transferred somewhere. But we lost some potential treaters anyway.
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    Today, 07:44 PM
    Actually, I'd say you might be able to find some stuff on sale now. I know I bought a fog machine 50% off about a week before Halloween one year and gave it to the neighbour. If you're talking big box stores, I think a lot of it is on sale now, or gone already.
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 07:26 PM
    oh, what a wonderful thing you are doing! you do wonderful work.I would adore one of your quilts!!!!
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  • talkingcatblues's Avatar
    Today, 05:13 PM
    See, who treats his actors right? Now all you need is ice cream brains for dessert.
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    Today, 05:09 PM
    talkingcatblues commented on TWISTEDUK's photo in album Scary Dolls
    Congratulations! And Hilda is right, they're lucky to have your work to feature.
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    Today, 04:02 PM
    bethene posted a visitor message on Hilda's profile
    Oh, thank you so very much!!
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Today, 10:59 AM
    LOL! "That's right! Come at me, storm!" You rock! What a great attitude. At least on the plus side Halloween is all about the old and broken and decrepit, so hopefully if you can patch it together a bit, it'll just look a little more scary. That probably wouldn't fly at Christmas. Wishing you tons of luck and great weather from here on out. And glad you got some photos in before hand. The yard looks great.
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    Today, 10:44 AM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Ecula's profile
    Sorry to hear there's no party this year. Hopefully things will all connect and you'll have one next year. I'm sure all those ideas are starting to build up and when you do have one, it'll be unbelievable! :) A frozen costume sounds wonderful. You could combine a kid's move "Frozen" and make them frozen, and make a lot of children cry. ;) They used to sell a kit over here for making icicles that dripped off your nose. Haven't seen it recently though. We do decorate the yard for the...
  • bethene's Avatar
    Today, 05:28 AM
    StanFam3,I am sorry for your life issues, I hope you feel better soon, and your father also, hard when they are elderly. I do agree. Life has been hard for me the past two years, being treated for depression, and the forum is a life saver for me, I enjoy coming here to take me to a happier place..
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    Yesterday, 11:27 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Candee's profile
    Ah, that sounds familiar. Well whatever works. We still haven't got enough traffic that we can't just scream at them individually. We'll see how it goes this year.
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    Yesterday, 11:02 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Candee's profile
    When do you usually get stuff out? Is that a PVC fence? I keep considering making one, more to keep the kids from tripping over the extension cords than anything else.
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:49 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Candee's profile
    Not really. We've got a witch's hat on our gargoyle and a plastic pumpkin in the yard. Plus a couple rats in the window. But we generally don't start decorating until a couple days before. We used to do it all on the 31st. I think we'll try to get the tombstones and witches out this Friday.
  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:39 PM
    GobbyGruesome posted a visitor message on Candee's profile
    Checking in. Where you at? Haven't done much since we finished the tombstone yesterday. Wanted to spend one day without foam all over hell.
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  • osenator's Avatar
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:45 PM
    Hey Deb! Welcome to the forums. Defenestrator is right. Lighting would probably be the number one thing if you haven't considered it, and it'd be quick to add some for this year if you don't have any. The right shadows can effectively double the spookiness of your haunt. And just a couple of floods would likely be all that you need to start (although you can be very particular about lighting once you get into it.) You could also look around the house and see what kind of lights you have...even...
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    Yesterday, 08:35 PM
  • Frankie's Girl's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:25 PM
    Frankie's Girl replied to a thread Prop Showcase: My 50cent columns in Halloween Props
    Those are quite lovely! Great job. :) I've got cardboard/foam columns and they have held up over 6 years at this point and that's including getting drenched a few times. I usually leave them out for at least two weeks each year too. I think if you know that heavy rain is coming, making them easy to pick up and get into a garage is a good idea, but the paint (if acrylic/latex) acts as a decent moisture barrier and those columns will hold up longer than you think!
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  • bethene's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:19 PM
    Heard from a couple more who have shipped, one who I know will, two who I have not heard from, but have always come through I the past,, no idea what is going on with them.
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  • osenator's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:15 AM
    I used to, but my cubicle was deemed too scary for when they did a halloween contest where I work. The biggest slap in the face was whom had won. A woman, that taped a sign "Pig Farm" to her cabinet, because SARS was the rage of the media of the time... I kid you not... after that year, I stopped decorating... Almost did this year, but I just don't give a **** anymore in my workplace...
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    Yesterday, 04:51 AM
    I can't deny it... I simply love them...
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    Yesterday, 03:52 AM
    My wife counted 8 racoons last night, playing in our haunt last night, all at once. They broke many of the Corn Stakls (they had dried corn in them) that we didn't had time to secure to the fences. I don't really mind, as a huge animal lover, can't blame them. But the funny part, every plastic pumkins in the haunt, were all moved around and upsidde down (L). I guess they had lots of fun. Nothing that can't be fixed in 5 seconds, but still funny.
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  • osenator's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:46 AM
    Reminds me a of a Haunter close to my neighborhood. He does a great haunt (it's 90% all inflatables), but it's still a nice haunt. Wow, what an ***...e! We tried to talk to him a few time, and both times, he was extremely rude to me and my wife. he knows who we are, because I seen him stop in front of our haunt many times with his black pickup truck. One time, he sent his son to go in front of our yard, saying it suck (not kidding, as we reconnaised the boy). And one time, we past, to see his...
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    Yesterday, 03:35 AM
    Very nice great cemetary
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    10-21-2014, 09:17 PM
    GobbyGruesome commented on GobbyGruesome's photo in album 2014 pre-halloween
    Aww. Thanks folks. :)
  • talkingcatblues's Avatar
    10-21-2014, 05:57 PM
    talkingcatblues commented on GobbyGruesome's photo in album 2014 pre-halloween
    Ooh, that's bigger than I thought! Looks great! I love the shape of it and the carvings and the whole thing. :)
  • bethene's Avatar
    10-21-2014, 05:47 PM
    So sorry guys, I am working on things, but am getting frustrated!
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  • GobbyGruesome's Avatar
    10-21-2014, 03:22 PM
    GobbyGruesome added 1 photo(s) to album 2014 pre-halloween
  • bethene's Avatar
    10-21-2014, 03:03 PM
    Great pictures!! Ahhh, do I ever miss the campground haunts....... Your little ninja turtle is adorable!! When my son was that age (30+years ago) he loved the turtles too.... Feeling nastolgic......
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    Hi Marie, just catching up with everyone, it looks like you've been busy at other things. Hope all is well and that your halloween plans for this year are going ok! All the best!
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    Happy New Year Marie! I have now posted my 2011 pics. I was disappointed that I didn't remember to take night shots, so there are only daytime shots. I have also started an album of wrought iron and graveyards. I started this when I was searching for wrought iron designs for my Gothic Garden, so a new little hobby was born! I will post my garden sometime too. All the best for 2012.
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    Hi Marie, I hope your halloween went well. I have blogged my walkthru, no pictures yet, working on that. It went well, we made our Creepy Carnival interactive for the kiddies. You have to play games at a carnival. Big kids asked...."Is there clowns inside?" insert evil laugh here!
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    Love all your cemetary pics. My kids tease me about all of the cemetaries they were drug through on family vacations. As a result they have threatend to burry me in one of the newer genneric cemetaries. You know the ones with flush ground momuments, topped with bunches plastic flowers. I told them I would haunt them forever if they did that!!!
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    Hi, Marie!

    How are your plans coming along for this year?

    We're starting to feel the crunch as the clock ticks down, but hopefully it will all come together (or at least some of it!)
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    Hi Marie! Just an update on the anniversary stays. So far, no haunted hotel nights. Haven't booked any - out of our budget right now. Something to save for though. Thanks for the suggestions, have written them in my Halloween Idea book!
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    Thank you so much for your comment. Compared to other people's haunts and talents I was not feeling as confident about what we put together. Thank you again!
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    Thanks so much Marie for the kind words and the friending. Our display has a long way to go but it gets a little bit better each year. The skeletons are the one big yard project my wife has each year. She sets 'em up and decides what they'll be doing. (I think she said they'll be playing The Game of Life this year!)

    Shoppers used to be great for Halloween. I picked up some really nice univerrsal monster masks there on clearance. They had the skeletons for 3 or 4 years and then switched them out for another big impressive item (Giant skulls, I think?) Not much there last year though.

    I'd live to see a night shot of the ghosts in action. I'm sure they look amazing. And as for the riser, he is perfect. I guess old Halloween props never die (because they're already dead?)

    Thanks again!
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    Ha, that is very tempting... maybe I will keep an eye out for one. Thanks for the info!
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    I love your cemetery pictures too - what a great collection of different places.
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