Hello there, is this your first visit?
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    Today, 07:47 PM
    Oh, that's how it was done! It turned out beautifully! I will be sure to follow your directions. I may even have a clear ball or two already. Don't worry about breakage, it's not your fault at all, and it can certainly be remedied. Hope your Halloween is great, too!
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    Today, 07:39 PM
    No problem at all! Like I said, I have shipped late myself before, so I understand. :D I think that it will be easy to fix, so don't worry. I did enjoy everything! My 4 yr old was especially thrilled with the portrait and the key. He kept saying "Look at the picture change, Mommy! It's a SKELETON!" he loves skeletons. And keys. He went around the house and the garage, pretending it was his key to open the doors with. :)
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    Today, 11:54 AM
    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for my Secret Reaper gifts! I loved everything, and it will all be very useful. I posted photos and a thank you on the picture thread, but I wanted to make sure that you were thanked, in case it gets lost on that thread. :D Happy haunting!
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    Today, 11:18 AM
    If my mailman didn't have a spider phobia, he does now! haha! I came home to find a creepy spider covered box on my front porch! and inside...
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    Today, 07:03 AM
    No kidding! I had THE hardest time just putting in metal stakes for the inflatables! I nearly dragged out the hose to drench the area, so I wouldn't have to fight so hard.
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    Today, 07:00 AM
    I used to do it the day of, for fear of theft (lived in Las Vegas at the time). Now that I live in a much smaller area, where I know more locals, I put some up ahead of time. This will be our first year with a fence, provided that I get it done. So, I may put more out than the last two years. Wind and rain are bigger problems for us.
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    Today, 06:06 AM
    LairMistress replied to a thread Aldi 2015 in General Halloween
    Last year they had inflatables, the same blow mold Jack o'lantern as this year, and some talking hanging creatures with LED eyes. I remember a reaper and Jack o'lantern man. Seems like there was more than that, but I don't remember.
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    Yesterday, 07:41 PM
    We had to trek to Goodwill today, and what did we see as soon as we walked in the door? A giant (8 ft) triple Jack o'lantern inflatable. *sigh* My son insisted that it was going to go in the foyer of the house. Um, no, even with the high ceilings, it looks better outside, honey! We also bought two really nice medium sized pumpkins at Aldi for $2.49 each. Figured I'd better get them now, before they mark them higher like they did last year as Halloween approached.
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    Yesterday, 07:35 PM
    LairMistress replied to a thread Aldi 2015 in General Halloween
    OK, so nothing but pumpkins yet, but they are $2.49 each right now. Last year, they went UP in price as Halloween neared, so keep that in mind if you're buying them there. I bought two very nice medium ones today (still had good stems, and no blemishes on the better side). Wednesday's ad was out today, and they will start carrying Halloween this week! I'm expecting more than what is in the ad. That's how they did it last year; put a few things in the first week's ad, and then the better...
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    Yesterday, 07:07 PM
    Unfortunately, it's not that they're posting sideways. Many of mine have posted sideways, even though they're right side up. Moreso with my phone, I'm not having that problem with my laptop posts. I've seen a lot of people edit their posts and say that they don't know why their photos are sideways. Something to do with the site that I can't explain...incompatibility issue.
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    Yesterday, 04:28 PM
    I only have "Bloody Bites" so far, and several nightmares about forgetting to buy any. Guess I'd better get on that!
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  • Candy Creature's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 01:15 PM
    X-Pired, I like most everything. I put oddities on my do not currently need but will probably want someday list because I don't have any currently so thought one oddity alone might be hard to display, but hey, it only takes three of something to make a collection. I have enjoyed seeing everyone's oddities that they have bought, received, or made. I do like Victorian things for Halloween, so Victorian oddities would seem to be the best kind of oddities.
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  • Candy Creature's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 12:57 PM
    Yay texaslucky! Thank you so much for posting pictures. That made my life so much easier. My cellphone online album appears to be discontinued with no notice. Your picture of the werewolf is much better than mine, but I did take some more pictures of some of the other illustrations in the journal, so I will try to post them and also my campsite when it is set up. Now that you have posted pictures, I can make more comments on them. I am really glad you went with the re-purposed pocket book for...
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 07:47 AM
    I agree about the licensing, I wish that they'd just stick with generic Halloween, too. I must have missed the Burger King thread, so it may have already been mentioned, but they had Scooby Doo toys a couple of weeks ago when we went. Actually, we wound up going twice, and my son got two "haunted house" toys with Scooby and the gang. I liked HT, and didn't realize it was Adam Sandler until I saw the credits, too. I don't dislike him, but there are a couple of his movies that I didn't...
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 07:35 AM
    We're only slightly better in central IL, with 56 degrees, and 17 mph winds. Yesterday was worse, but it's still too much to put out what I'd like! I may go rummage around the basement, and see what I can find. Maybe at least put out some electric Jack o'lanterns.
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  • beautifulnightmare's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 06:27 AM
    I do like masquerade. Very sneaky way to ask your vic a question. I like it. Lol. Wonder which of us is your victim. Hmmm
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 06:22 AM
    Our neighbor down the street has several. He didn't have them out last I posted about him (we are two of four in our direct neighborhood who decorate, within a 2 block distance). He has them out now, though. If I'm not mistaken, he also owns the apartment building across the street from his house, and decorates that, too. There are different inflatables over there, but an almost identical cemetery to his, and set up in the same manner. He has a small corner for the cemetery (less than 10...
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  • Col. Fryght's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 03:17 AM
    This is my traditional weekend to set-up to at least the cemetery picket fence and the "Keep Out" sign that I made from pallets. But we are also having like monsoon rains this weekend. We are suppose to end up with 3-6 inches this weekend depending on where in metro Atlanta that you live. At least the ground will be soft when I put in the wooden stakes for the fence. :D
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  • Col. Fryght's Avatar
    10-03-2015, 03:10 AM
    Wow, this thread gathered more steam than I would have thought. This would be one easy group to troll. I never knew that zombies and inflatables were such sensitive topics. Though I am kind of proud of the inflatable people showing a strong back bone. :D I could easily see myself changing my Halloween to inflatables if I had small children. Halloween decorating is about what my family likes and not about what others are tired off.
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  • Candy Creature's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 08:51 PM
    I've been Reaped! Thank you Texaslucky! I rushed home from work today because I knew my reap was scheduled to reach me today. Once I got home, it was not there yet so I left to check the forum and eat. After supper, my reap was on my porch. Opened it up and wanted to watch an hour of TV before heading back out to the gas station to post, but as per usual I fell asleep in front of the TV so here I am at half past the witching hour posting. This year I will be camping for Halloween and had...
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  • NormalLikeYou's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 07:00 PM
    They're near us! Too bad we didn't join this one or we'd be really excited... :)
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  • beautifulnightmare's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 05:49 PM
    I am working on finishing up my cards over the weekend. If anyone else would like to exchange with me I still have room for a few more! My plan is to mail them Monday!
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 05:46 PM
    I'm very glad that I hadn't put much out yet. It was SO windy today...like crazy wind. One of my rubber bats fell down, from being whipped around so much that its tie severed. I expected my spider webbing to not be any good by the big night, but I really thought that the bats would be OK out there. I'd like to start this weekend, but I have to buy some things to secure my tombstones with, first. I'm using the idea that I think I saw here...maybe on FB? Garden stakes down inside metal cord...
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 05:37 PM
    OK, please don't be upset that I started a thread with no pictures, haha...but has anyone's Aldi started stocking Halloween yet? I saw that this week's ad was offering some autumn things, but there weren't actual Halloween items in the ad. They usually have some pretty neat things. I probably won't get to the store until Sunday myself, unless there is something worth braving a Saturday trip for.
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 05:33 PM
    If our store got the solar dancers, they sold out quickly. I checked frequently, and never did see them. I really wanted the ghost, too! I picked up one of the cawing crows, after seeing your post. I'm sure that it won't be seen, but it will be heard, and frankly, that makes it even better! I picked up a couple of the mice last year, and they freaked the kids out. They couldn't be seen in the dark, either--but I do have a large plastic rat, and I think that they assumed that it was...
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 05:19 PM
    I have a couple of purchases to update. :) I debated about whether or not to get the Specter Projector. It was missing one of the five slides, and it's really nothing special. I'm sure that I'll find a use for it, or maybe pass it along in a Secret Reaper if it sounds like something someone will want. :) It has a multi-colored Fire and Ice light inside of it, but the only slide that works really well is the white skull. The others are colored, and don't show up well, because it's color...
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 04:49 PM
    I'm sure that the ones that I play are too...comical or "child like", but I love Plants Vs. Zombies (the original PC version). House of the Dead is one of my favorites, too. I bought the Haunted Mansion game (Eddie Murphy movie version) for my son's Game Cube, but it was used, and doesn't work. I also have Ghostbusters for Wii, but sadly, haven't had a chance to play it yet. Online, well, it's a little embarrassing, but I do play Subeta. They have a Halloween celebration for about the...
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  • Candy Creature's Avatar
    10-02-2015, 02:54 PM
    Hope she has as much fun on her camping trip as I had on mine last weekend.
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