killerhaunts's Album: 2010 HAUNT
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2010 HAUNT

  1. with mask
  2. Our only real pumpkins for 2010
  3. Our donations for the haunt! Almost half a barrel!
  4. New 2010 pumpkins
  5. One of our Scare-actors
  6. BIL with BLucky jumper
  7. Graveyard with lighting
  8. Graveyard with lighting
  9. graveyard with lighting
  10. Mine entrance
  11. Grandpa, Hubby & daughter
  12. skeleton guard at mine entrance
  13. Wind damage a few days before Halloween
  14. 2010 cast
  15. Our lovely BELOVED actress
  16. Finished exterior of haunt
  17. LA Beloved tombstone - not your average BELOVED! LA stands for Live Action. I made mine really big so a full size adult could lay on top and it would...
  18. skeleton with lighting test
  19. 2010 mine layout image
  20. Had to put all of the Halloween props on the yard while setting up the haunt
  21. Setting up the mine entrance
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