Justine's Halloween's Album: Halloween Cakes
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Halloween Cakes

Here are some of the cakes I have baked for our Halloween parties over the years!
  1. Raven cupcakes from the 2011 Witch's Gathering. The ravens are white wedding doves painted black and glittered.
  2. A closer look at the raven cupcakes.
  3. Eye ball cupcakes
  4. Eye ball cupcakes and vampire lip cookie
  5. Vampire lip cookies with gummy candy teeth
  6. Witch fingers made of pretzels dipped in chocolate with slivered almond finger nails
  7. Tray of vampire lip cookies, eye ball cupcakes, and witch finger pretzels! 2009
  8. Witch Party 10th Anniversary Cake from the side. (Those are m&m's) 2010
  9. Witch Party 10th Anniversary Cake 2010
  10. Close-up of ice cream cat
  11. Ice cream cat cake 2008
  12. Pumpkin cake
  13. Skull Cake
  14. Close-up Skull
  15. Cat Cake head
  16. Chocolate Cat Cake
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