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    Yesterday, 01:04 PM
    Terra posted a visitor message on LairMistress's profile
    Hey there! So glad you asked to be friends. Hope prop building this year is going well for you :)
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    Yesterday, 08:27 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Mechanical: Ghost Tombstone Popper in Halloween Props
    Forgot that my mouth was hanging open when watching the video. This is freakin' OUTSTANDING!
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    08-17-2014, 06:31 PM
    Terra posted a visitor message on kmeyer1313's profile
    Hello there!! :)
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    08-17-2014, 05:30 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Lighting: Best lighting color for cemetery in Halloween Props
    There are a total of four blue LED lights for the graveyard. A pair in each front corner. Each pair is nestled in a twin foam stone light holder. I got them all at Minion's Web. Here is a link of the blue lights: http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/50-led-spot-bulb-blue-p-282.html Here's the housings: http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/light-rock-double-painted-p-1407.html You can somewhat see one of the lighting units that looks like a casual stone next to the fence pictured here. What's nice...
    51 replies | 1959 view(s)
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    08-15-2014, 06:01 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: New 'cracked' tombstone in Halloween Props
    Love, love, love, love, love, love.... Love, love, love... Exactly what a scary graveyard should look like. Broken and unkempt. Did I say I loved this?
    43 replies | 1125 view(s)
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    08-14-2014, 07:03 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Lighting: Best lighting color for cemetery in Halloween Props
    72 Hondo, I made them many moons ago. Here's a link to the tut: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/628-outdoor-flicker-candles-tutorial.html
    51 replies | 1959 view(s)
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    08-13-2014, 06:58 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: My first attempt at tombstones in Halloween Props
    I couldn't guess neither of them but then when I saw the answer - just smacked my head. Brilliant tombstones (tea-staining looks awesome) and so glad that the tuts helped you out. Isn't tombstone making fun?
    18 replies | 448 view(s)
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    08-13-2014, 06:53 PM
    Terra posted a visitor message on a_granger's profile
    Hello there. I love your work - beautiful!
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    08-11-2014, 06:10 PM
    Terra replied to a thread OT: Robin Williams in General Halloween
    I thought he had it all put together :(
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    08-10-2014, 06:17 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Lighting: Black light help in Halloween Props
    Through research I learned that T8 fluorescent bulbs are better than the T12's for two reasons. T8 reactive chemicals are coated on the inside of the bulb and since the T8 bulbs are thinner - you get more black light illumination (more powerful). The other reason is T8 lights are made for colder applications. Something to do about the starters in them. Since I was in cold Kansas - that was a consideration. The down side.... they are more expensive and a little harder to find the bulbs. But this...
    26 replies | 942 view(s)
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    08-10-2014, 05:57 AM
    Terra added 1 photo(s) to album Miscellaneous Pictures V
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    08-10-2014, 05:52 AM
    What a useful medium! Thanks for the idea.
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    08-10-2014, 05:50 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Atmosphere Effects: Fire effect spotlight! I have to have this! in Halloween Props
    Well crap, I could have used this about a dozen times in my haunt over the years.
    114 replies | 4582 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-10-2014, 05:47 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: The pride and joy of my props in Halloween Props
    The whole thing (wings, pose, look) is a terrific and scary prop. The hair will be an even better addition. Bravo!
    10 replies | 676 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-10-2014, 05:44 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Lighting: Best lighting color for cemetery in Halloween Props
    JDub - what an excellent point about overlighting it! So true - don't want your Halloween display to look like a cheerful - overlit Christmas display.
    51 replies | 1959 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-09-2014, 03:50 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Lighting: Best lighting color for cemetery in Halloween Props
    I love the saturated blue you get from blue LED lights along with the yellow/orange you get from flickering candles. The house itself is washed with a yellow LED and the landscape lighting was switched out to red bulbs. Together I just loved the supernatural/spooky feel it gave to the whole yard. Oh, and also had a lightning show: Here's a vid:
    51 replies | 1959 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-08-2014, 06:02 AM
    Hey back. I'm okay with the Grandin Road thing. Beloved wasn't my original idea but the style of the lady at Grandin Road looks a lot like my version, lol.
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    08-05-2014, 07:25 AM
    Terra posted a visitor message on highbury's profile
    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
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    08-04-2014, 08:14 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Other: Post-apocalyptic rifle in Halloween Props
    Looks great!
    5 replies | 288 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-03-2014, 04:46 PM
    Thanks again everyone for the wonderful praises on my version of Beloved. I was telling hubby about perhaps getting one for myself but he had a great idea: "If you were going to get such a tiny version - why don't you make one yourself?" Wouldn't that be a hoot to make? Yes Adam, it seems the Demon Horse was made into a prototype Gemmy inflatable. No lie :) Not sure if they went to market with it - haven't seen it.
    23 replies | 1013 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-02-2014, 06:42 AM
    Everyone's ideas will work great and here's another one to throw in the mix. Dig out the foam in the center - stuff wire in but have it bent up a little bit and then use Great Stuff to fill back in the hole. The bent wire will then have something to grab onto once the Great Stuff cures. Here's a link to the full tutorial: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/1142-8-long-tentacle-arms-tutorial.html Here's just the quick video:
    7 replies | 352 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 05:03 AM
    Terra posted a visitor message on kfinley's profile
    Hey there :) Loved looking through your pictures and especially dug the spider and the columns. Those giant skulls on top of the columns are the perfect touch. Very foreboding!
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 04:58 AM
    Terra commented on kfinley's photo in album Halloween 2012
    You are welcome :)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 04:57 AM
    Terra posted a visitor message on MummyOf5's profile
    Hello there and thanks for the friend request. My pleasure :)
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    08-01-2014, 04:49 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Garage door cover up in Halloween Props
    Here's mine and a link to how it was done: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/1098-faux-steel-haunt-panels-tutorial.html
    9 replies | 856 view(s)
  • Terra's Avatar
    08-01-2014, 04:46 AM
    Very similar to what others have mentioned already, I made a tutorial that shows step by step how to make foam panels and then you could carve the foam to make them stone-like if you wish: http://www.halloweenforum.com/blogs/terra/1098-faux-steel-haunt-panels-tutorial.html
    16 replies | 463 view(s)
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    Hey Jonathan, sorry I haven't responded in a timely manner. I've had some family issues come up with my mother being sick and was graduating college but everything seems to be back on track now. If you still need someone to run the youtube page I can certainly do that. If you would like to reach me quickly you are more than welcome to email me at rddean@gmail.com . That email is linked to my smart phone so I know immediately when someone contacts me. Sad to say that I haven't jumped on these forums since shortly before your post.
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    Hey I got your and its absolutely AWESOME.
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