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    Are any zombie dogs on sale now? Any cool new ones?
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    Ohhhh... I love your front desk bell. I just got a little (plain) old one and was happy with it UNTIL I saw your bell. Now I have bell envy. LOL That's perfect for a Haunted Hotel theme!
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    Hello, I don't know If I am doing this in the right spot(i am new to forum) but a friend told
    Me to message you about some props you may have for sale...so here it is! Hope to hear from you soon Thanks!
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    thank you sweetie, the best part was I kept it up WAY past Christmas, I loved it, I love looking at Christmas trees, and my ornaments, the sparkles, etc. So, yeah, I am happy with it, if it was skinny we would not of gotten one, hubby was as fussy as me, I still wish it looked more like a old fashioned spruce, like the old pictures, but it is what it is!
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    Well I guess that my tree is in totes up in my breeze way. Never had one so not sure what to do with it. I guess some where down stairs. The totes don't have tops, that's the way they came. Oh well. Guess I will have to figure it out!
    Yeah, I am still going to work. A day I work Monday's and Tuesday's, and that seems like when the storms are. Have almost got stuck a couple of times.
    How is the doggy you rescued doing?
    I didn't know that you played piano either!!!!
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    thank the lord he made it home. how cold was he? i bet he is tired. what an ordeal. we had a blizzard here. snow drifts and a white out. i stayed at the motel next door. i was worried about making it there. the job paid for everyone's rooms. my poor cat and fish didn't get supper. the motel is a simple one, but it was comfortable. i got to watch cable. in the morning the white out had cleared up. i made it home by driving through a few drifts hard and fast and punching on my 4 wheel drive on my side of the road. the other side of the road was drift high. no driving through. i cleaned up and went into work early so i could beat the drifts on my side becoming to high to get through, but a plow cut through making travel possible on both sides. the drifts the plow cut into were higher than my car door. it was like driving through a wall.
    i didn't know you played the piano. how very cool is that.
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    my daughter sold her car that has been sitting in my yard for about 4 years. she owed me money so she is giving me the money. yeah, i got the money i need for another bill. lol. and, it will be nice having the car gone. more room to display more blow molds. i didn't have time plus it was so cold to put out my xmas display this year. i was a little disappointed. i'm thinking of displaying them this july to make up for it. you know, xmas in july. there were a lot of blow molds out this year. of course the house down the street put out their nice minion. and i found another house that put out a minion. other than that, it was a lot of 2 or 3 here or there. very cool. in the stores they flew off the shelves. i need to count now to see how many i have. lots and lots i know.
    so i am working on a new stuffed kitty. i just have the rest of the tail to finish, then he is done. he is already promised to a resident at the home i use to work at. he is turning out very nicely. then i'm going to start on an elf. and then a baby. and then a dragon. and then a giant. then all the stuffed toys in this book are made.
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    my Christmas is,,, wait for it.... in the basement! stacked up, not put away. need to get down there and get it taken care of.
    oh wow,, your poor brother in law! what a mess!!
    am hanging in there with the weather, it just keeps snowing, again tomorrow, and Saturday, and on and on and on.
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Rare Find Gypsy Zoltar

by HallowSusieBoo on 08-30-2011 at 06:33 AM
Quote Originally Posted by HallowSusieBoo View Post

When Tom Hanks met face to face with Zoltar in the memorable "BIG" I was mesmerized with the fantasy as if I were still an 8 year old kid. This story got me excited again with the notion that I might be able to replicate a similar Halloween prop that would dispense spooky advice to Trick-or-Treaters. Also, there is a Halloween Forum member

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My first time!!

by HallowSusieBoo on 06-03-2011 at 08:53 AM
Mid-West Haunters Convention here WE come!! MysterE and I will be at the Convention in Columbus this weekend starting tonight! It will be our first time attending such an event related to all things Halloween, so you can imagine that we are busting at the ribs to see the latest stuff!

You folks that made it to St. Louis already know how much fun these can be. I packin' the camera to take pics and video to share. Stay tuned and of course ---BOO!

Our 2010 home haunt photos - cemetery and pirates

by HallowSusieBoo on 03-01-2011 at 06:22 PM
Quote Originally Posted by hirez00 View Post
Head and hands are from "Ghost Ride". Hat, scarf, shirt, jacket and shoes from Goodwill and the body is made like this: http://www.hauntforum.com/showthread.php?t=15432

There is a wiper motor from "MonsterGuts" inside his chest that SLOWLY turns his head from side to side.
THANK YOU hirez fo this wonderful info --- your haunt is..well.. put it this way: I'm drooling! Fantastic job. Now folks, if you are reading this - then you MUST also need a "grave-digger"

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Brain is brewing up ideas!

by HallowSusieBoo on 02-13-2011 at 10:37 AM
Preparation for the BIG date seems to become an all-out frenzy for me and MysterE. We are always running around half crazed in a zombie state trying to add to our haunt and allow for some new fun for ourselves. This year, I was thinking - perhaps I can host a few "Prep" parties - themed for fun, but will get the neighbors and friends in on the decorating and planning part. Maybe even get a few willing actors out of the early events.

I have been also toying with the idea

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14 Days SINCE Halloween!

by HallowSusieBoo on 11-14-2010 at 11:33 AM
Being an avid fan of Halloween Forum - I get a rush of adrenalin every time I log on and see the "Days Until Halloween..." at the top of the Home Page. I seem to live my life in similar time table increments -
10 Days Until Thanksgiving... 35 Days until Christmas...38 Days until my wedding anniversary... you get the picture.

But now I find I am looking back. I am surrounded by boxes and bins and a menagerie of props, decorations, pumpkins and party goods - I realize

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