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  1. Hi Halloween was a quiet one. My grandson went out of town with his parents to a weekend party. It was good for him to have other children to play with...but we got some great pictures of my little "Elmo". I've been watching all of you scurrying to get ready and I know I will join the insanity next just wasn't meant to happen this year.

    However, I do have news of a Blog I just started to keep myself more organized, and to solicit you help in keeping me moving forward. So check it out....I don't think the registration function is working right least the automatic e-mail function, but I hope to have that fixed soon. I believe the RSS feed is working so you are welcome to subscribe to updates. It still needs a lot of work, but I'm really happy with the way my design work has turned out so far. I want to do something creative with the title instead of just the plain text, but that will come in time. Anyway, if you see problems on your side please let me now are my testers.

    And I serious...kick me in the b...backside if you don't see new posts showing progress.
  2. Hello my favorite forum friends. I am sure you are all eagerly anticipating the big day....only 48 days and counting. I just wanted to check in with all of you because I haven't been logging on for a while. I am in the process of starting a new business and it is consuming a lot of my time on the computer right now. I am hoping to have a web page on line in the next couple of weeks. When I reach this milestone I will send you all a link so you can see what I've been up to.

    It has been three years since I left my job. Mentally I was not ready to retire. Physically my doctor said do it now... So I have been searching for a life after a very personally rewarding and mentally demanding career. I'm not happy unless I do something that challenges me to grow. So I feel like I have finally found that path. I miss you all and plan to be back as soon as I can. Since Halloween is approaching quickly, I have some makeup charts for Halloween faces that might be of interest to you. I will post them in my albums some time next week. They might give you some new ideas.

    Take care my friends

  3. Don't just lurk behind the scenes....jump in there and post your thoughts on the Health and Fitness Group page. Your accountability pals value your support and have plenty of warm fuzzy hugs to give in return.
  4. HallowSkeen, welcome to the Health & Fitness support group. It is a great place to set specific goals for weight loss, weight management, or exercise and have the support of forum accountability pals to help keep you on track.

    You are encouraged to share tips and strategies for success. It's a place to celebrate your success in reaching goals and asking for ideas to help overcome challenges that may sabotage your efforts. We will set new goals each Monday and report progress the following week.

    As the week progresses don't forget to drop by and report your success, even if it seems small like not having that dessert at lunch or taking a walk on your break. Ask the group for support when you need an extra boost, we all do now and then.

    Celebrating small steps toward your goal is an important part of staying motivated! You are encouraged to give a shout out "I deserve a pat on the back for......" We will shout back to recognize your success.
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