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Hello there, is this your first visit?

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  1. Hey Girl...just checking in on you. It's been a LONG time!! How are things?
  2. I am so sorry to hear about your hubby! 47 is really young to have such issues. I hope everything goes well for him. My goodness....glad you decided to take a break this yr.
  3. Glad to hear your first party was a success! Good luck with the adult party. My husband has been in the hospital and we found out that he has to have a pacemaker put in. He is only 47. It is a bit scary! I haven't been online much lately. I'm glad the shrimp dip turned out for you!
  4. Here I am, checking in again. I made the brain dip for our party on sat and it was wonderful. I think I'll make another one this weekend.
  5. Hey Lady! Just checking in. Haven't seen you around much lately. Hope all is well!
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