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  • StonebridgeCemetery's Avatar
    Today, 06:07 PM
    I had hoped to get started tonight, but that's not happening.
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  • StonebridgeCemetery's Avatar
    Today, 06:05 PM
    StonebridgeCemetery replied to a thread Electronic/Software: Rotisserie Motors in Halloween Props
    Is it just me or is the link missing?
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  • StonebridgeCemetery's Avatar
    Today, 12:45 PM
    StonebridgeCemetery started a thread Electronic/Software: Rotisserie Motors in Halloween Props
    Alright. I purchased a rotisserie motor in the hopes of copying the skeleton that BigAnt has on top of his column at Eerie Acres. Most rotisserie motors are supposed to reverse when they meet resistance, right? The salesman said this one reversed. My daughter destroyed the box so now I assume I can't return it. In the meantime, a family member bought me another bigger rotisserie motor that is "twin direction". Well it will reverse if I turn it off and back on, but not if it meets...
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:51 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Electronic/Software: hallowindow effects in Halloween Props
    Hallowindow looks terrific blasted onto the side of the house. Those bouncing skele's are always a favorite :) You embed the video bu copying the URL in the box that opens up when you select the Filmstrip icon in the dialog box.
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:45 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Prop Showcase: My 2nd Tombstone in Halloween Props
    Looks great already so I'd say, take a deep breath and throw in the graveyard :)
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:35 PM
    Oh my do I remember your coffin bar and so many of your props. You are one of the many hearts of this forum. Nice to see you back again :)
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:31 PM
    Do we have to say it? "Video or it didn't..."
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  • Diabolik's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:22 PM
    I was just talking with my wife the other day about something from the forum and your name came up. It has been a long time and I am very happy to see you are back! Looking forward to hearing about your new Halloween adventures! ;)
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  • jdubbya's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:09 PM
    Called them today and explained the situation. The guy said they could give me an even exchange with no receipt, but if I just wanted to return it I'd need one. I told him the exchange would be fine. Of course they have every color but amber so he said he'd hold the color of my choice for me until tomorrow. I took the defective one and removed the lens cover on it. Plugged it in again and it works fine! WTF. Put the lens cover back on and tightened it down but noticed if I tighten it too much...
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:24 AM
    What a great idea... Oh, and where's the video??? ;)
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  • Terra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:21 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Static: My newest stone in Halloween Props
    The brown is a great color for a tombstone. Your cracks are the best I've seen - I just can't quite get the knack for those, heh.
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  • Diabolik's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:36 AM
    Diabolik replied to a thread Mechanical: Filling out a PVC Body in Halloween Props
    There is no wrong way to do it. Many times I make a "hoop" for around the chest/waist and then I make another piece for the shoulders. I did not have a lot of hardware cloth left and that is mainly why I did this one like that. It is easier, but I think doing it in 2 pieces allows it to be shaped a bit more. If they are running shoes they might not be too bad to drill. Men's dress shoes are tough. As I said, tear out anything you can from inside them as it is less you need to drill through....
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  • Diabolik's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 07:31 PM
    Thanks, they are from Ghost Ride Productions. Called Ghoul Hands I believe. I had them make them for me with PVC inserted. They happen to match this particular head very well..
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  • Terra's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 07:12 PM
    You may want to explore the music genre called Epic Music. It's the songs used in movie trailers. They are heart-pounding and some can be just a bit scary enough for Halloween but not overly so. Here's a couple of examples:
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  • Diabolik's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 05:34 PM
    Diabolik replied to a thread Mechanical: Filling out a PVC Body in Halloween Props
    I think I have pretty much wrapped this guy up for now. I finished griming him up and dressing him tonight. Our weather here is supposed to be horrid Friday night, so I am sure my zombies will be taking a beating. I am doubting anyone will notice any little details that I might have missed.;)
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  • Diabolik's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 05:27 PM
    Diabolik replied to a thread Mechanical: Filling out a PVC Body in Halloween Props
    Terra, you have way more patience (and talent) than me. I never realized you made her whole body, but somehow I am not surprised. ;) She was probably a piece of cake after the horse and demon dog. :)
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  • Diabolik's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 05:23 PM
    Here is a swaying zombie kit I just finished for myself. Looks like he is going to see some rain. I hope he can swim. :rolleyes:
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  • Its the Great Pumpkin's Avatar
    10-28-2014, 12:29 PM
    This is my WIP Oil Painting of Disney's Headless Horsemen! This is my 1st time doing an oil painting! Love the direction its going in! here ia a few progress pics of it so far. A long way to go! thanks for looking and Happy Halloween!
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  • jdubbya's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 06:32 PM
    I own several of these in different colors and so far this is the only one that malfunctioned, but really? Two hours of use!? I just want them to make it right. Hoping they do.
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  • jdubbya's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 05:16 PM
    I bought three of the amber spotlights this year. Used two of them tonight as we were doing a light test on our display. After less than two hours, one of them stopped working. The bulb became very dim and while there is a very faint light, it obviously is defective. So it's 4 days until Halloween. I don't have the receipt as it worked when I bought it. what are the chances of them replacing or refunding my money? Sad part is they don't have any more in stock. Supposed I'm hosed for the 25...
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 03:58 PM
    I agree. You do indeed rock! ;) :D
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 03:57 PM
    Hey little one, I know that were all slammed right now but I'm dyin to hear all about your trip! :D
  • Terra's Avatar
    10-27-2014, 06:52 AM
    Terra posted a visitor message on djcriswar's profile
    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 10:15 PM
    I have so soo sooooooo much still to do! Plz let me know what happens. Send me a text.
  • Terra's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 05:25 PM
    Terra replied to a thread Other: I need help ( expanding foam) in Halloween Props
    Ugly Joe has a great point. To add to that - what brand of fake blood are you using? I used PermaBlood from Pale Night Productions and it was thick enough not to get soaked into the expanding foam.
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 05:23 PM
    How clever!!! I love that. :D
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  • The Halloween Lady's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 05:21 PM
    Nope... I'm not doing one next year. Or better yet I'm not doing anything next year!!!! But then again I say that every year right about now. ;) :D
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  • Terra's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 08:51 AM
    That looks very cool and the idea of using spray adhesive is brilliant.
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  • Terra's Avatar
    10-26-2014, 07:14 AM
    Terra replied to a thread Mechanical: Filling out a PVC Body in Halloween Props
    Wow, Diabolik! What great ideas to quickly (and lightly) bulk out a zombie. Hope you don't mind but I'd like to toss into this that you can go to Level: Bananas! by further manipulating hardware cloth. It really is a prop maker's go-to cloth. It's a supreme medium to fold, bend and pinch into exactly what you want. When making Terra I took many of the following ideas from LaurieBeast's, The Vampiress tutorial. A dress form is a helpful start to form the top of the torso. Here you can see...
    27 replies | 1114 view(s)
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