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Hello there, is this your first visit?

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  1. hey friend, so it's been a tough year, but here we both are. miss you. how's you doing?
  2. Hi, hallo. I will gladly take the tag. Thank you for offering.
  3. hey, I have an extra Maggie dog tag. if you would like it, let me know, I will just let you have it. you're always doing such nice things for everyone.
  4. ohhh, so that is why you are pming me. I thought you didn't want anyone to know you knew me. lol. sorry, just having to much fun picking on you.
  5. You are going to make it 29 pages of visitor messages at my profile before long at this rate (private messages are your friend, believe it or not)
  6. I'm waiting? okay, you're taking to long for an answer back. I think I will go look at your albums.
  7. Sounds pretty treacherous. Be safe.
  8. tell me about it. yesterday the news has been saying school here is already cancelled due to the pending weather on mon. hope I can make it to work.
  9. I know... Today was my first day actually getting out in quite awhile, but the snow is supposed to hit us pretty hard again shortly. If I never had to see that dreadful dandruff another time, I would be far from heartbroken.
  10. yeah, I'm very happy. now if the cold and the snow would just go away, it'd be even greater.
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